MT: Balintawak In Illinois

Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by balita, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Balintawak In Illinois
    By Rattan_Bridge108 - Thu, 01 Feb 2007 15:39:27 GMT


    Does anyone know anybody who teaches Balintawak here in Illinois? I have been a fan of Balintawak for quite some time.


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  2. arnisador

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    According to the MT thread there is something near Chicago. I'm only 11 miles from the Illinois border, but where I am is the middle of farm country!
  3. silat1

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    balintawak in illinois

    Man, wish I would have seen this posting earlier, I used to work at great lakes naval base in north chicago, but moved back overseas during the weekend.. I was looking for some people to work out with while I was there and to save me from the trip back and forth to chicago to train.. I teach a variation of balintawak that was taught to me by Master Rafael Reston. the training that he gave us was based on the training he had received from his dad and other practitioners from batangas prior to ww2..


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