MT: Bahad Zubu and drunken kung fu

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    Bahad Zubu and drunken kung fu
    By billcihak - 06-18-2011 04:18 PM


    I recently attended the Pacific island Gathering tournament here in chicago and had a chance to see a group of fighters from the Bahad Zubu lineage compete. I was thinking about their history, some of what I have learned from my instructor, coming from Grand Master Ilustrisimo and his sword based fighting art. Their body language just shouts, "We are training to avoid sharp and pointed weapons." It also brought to my mind drunken kung fu. Before anyone might get sensitive, I am not trying to be critical or to cause a problem. I save that for the study here on martialtalk.

    My point about drunken kung fu is that one of the competitors assumed a leaning stance, to his right, with his blade over his shoulder. It reminded me a lot of the drunken kung fu postures that I have seen, but with a blade. From what I have learned about Kali Ilustrisimo and Bahad Zubu from my instructor, I really like, and respect both arts. Especially since they are sword based arts. Any thoughts or additional insights would be appreciated and interesting. Thanks.


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    Lol, I was one of the BZ guys you saw at the tournament. The move you are describing is more of a bait and the overall style is intended to create body mechanics that foster a number of specific offensive and defensive options. Most FMA is very stiff and in many ways not designed to "get out of the way of sharp and pointy objects". Training with GM Yuli or other well trained BZ players shows you the advantages in this type of movement.
  3. Hi Balita,

    Nice observations about Bahad Zu'bu.

    Our style is heavily influenced by Kalis Ilustrisimo as most know but it also has a lot from the late GM Jo Go of Balintawak. GM Jo was Filipino-Chinese and I am lead to believe studied some Chinese arts whilst in China. Certainly if you are able to find some Gokosha videos the similarities will be quite obvious.

    As my fellow instructor Birdie king commented there is a lot of enganyo (baiting) in BZ and also there is no blocking so it is vital to use body shifting (and the live hand) to avoid strikes whilst hitting. I picked up a drunken sword CD just this week and loved it btw. Very deceptive, very relaxed and as BK mentioned in the above post relaxation plays a big part in our art.

    You may find the following video interesting as well:

    If I may ask, who is your instructor?

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    I am currently training with John Bednarski in chicago. He was the host of the Pacific Island Gathering tournament where I saw the Bahad Zu'bu competitors. It was a fun day all around.

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