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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by balita, May 10, 2007.

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    another book

    Arnis Self-Defense is everywhere…a simple Google search under “jose paman” yields dozens of references to dealers selling the book.

    On the latest news from the same author: Jose G. Paman’s book Ngo Cho: Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor Kung-Fu has just been released by Unique Publications. This means the publication of two of his books within four months in 2007! As a new member of Master Paman’s exclusive Original Arjuken Club, I had the opportunity to preview an advance copy of the text. This landmark volume on five ancestor kung-fu offers a wealth of information on a rare system. I imagine that many readers of this forum would not be familiar with Ngo Cho so here goes…

    Founded by Sijo Chua Giok Beng at the end of the 19th century, Ngo Cho incorporates the vital elements of the Fukien white crane, monkey, grand ancestor, Buddhist monk and Bodhidharma iron body methods of kung-fu. Ngo Cho is the prevalent form of Chinese martial arts in the Philippines and, until recently, was only taught to people of pure Chinese descent or a few friends of the same. As noted elsewhere in this forum, Master Paman learned Ngo Cho at the Tong Hong (Eastern Athletic Association) and from several personal teachers in Manila’s Chinatown in the mid-to-late 1970s. He went on to utilize his kung-fu skills in open karate tournanents as well as kickboxing matches.

    Master Paman’s Ngo Cho book features chapters on its history, fundamental training, iron body practice, principles of execution, a comprehensive section on techniques and fighting applications, the essential sam chien form, and the advanced song sui form (the steps of which have never been described in print). Throughout, he stresses the effective combat functions of the art, a facet that perhaps separates Ngo Cho from other, more performance-oriented Chinese styles. Master Paman told his training group that he relied a lot on Ngo Cho for its empty-hand aspects as he did on Modern Arnis/Kombatan for its weapons skills in his military training, competition and civilian days in Manila and later on in the states. Some FMA groups have incorporated Ngo Cho methods in their repertoire, most notably the Bakbakan organization and exponents of the ferocious Visayan full-contact discipline called Tat Kun Tao.

    Order info for Ngo Cho: Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor Kung-Fu, for those interested: You can call Unique Publications at (866) 834-1249 and ask for product number AG165. This is NOT an ad; I just want to share the information with those interested as we had to make several calls to get through to the order folks - the book is brand new and is not in wide circulation yet.
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    Whic Borders store did you see the book, if I may ask please?


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    Bloomington, Indiana (near Indiana University). But I ordered my copy off of Amazon!
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    Thanks Arnisador, I finally got my copy from Borders here in Melbourne. The book is a good read and highlights Kombatan and the Presas brothers as important figures in spreading FMA around the world.

    Good job from Mr JOse Paman.

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    which borders store Veg? am back this weekend may try to pick up the book as some reading for the plane!!
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    Got the book from Borders in Chaddy, sorry for the delayed reply too. Are you back in Singapore?

    Cheers mate

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    Yeah back in Singapore as we speak .. Back in Melbourne in a couple of weeks so will probably be in at the club a couple of times to take training (and do some myself).
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    new article

    Just came across the article below. It’s the follow-up to Master Paman’s original 'Island Scares' that appeared in Fall of last year. There is an especially interesting shot of the facade of the UST, which many Arjuken and IPMAF practitioners who have gone to Manila will likely recognize. It’s curious to note that while Master Paman chose to write this two-part series, of which he says more segments may follow, he candidly admits that he is a non-believer in ghostly phenomena. He nonetheless relates events in his family’s and his own life that some may feel are supernatural in nature. Here is the link, for those interested in this unique facet of Filipino culture:
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    pacific rim street fest 2008

    Although not in a martial arts capacity, Master Jose Paman appeared at the Pacific Rim Street Festival in Old Sacramento last Sunday, May 18th. He has taken a break from a busy teaching and writing schedule to perform with a Polynesian dance troupe as a singer, kahiko (ancient hula) dancer, guitarist and percussionist.

    This recent development does not indicate a departure from his Filipino martial arts activities, Master Paman told us when we asked: it is simply the next chapter in his evolving interests. Outside of full-time work for a government agency, he is a founding member of the Filipino Cultural Dance Association of Sacramento; an expert translator and interpreter in the Tagalog language of the Philippines; a paranormal investigator; and an amateur videographer.

    Master Paman nonetheless caught the attention of various FMA practitioners in attendance at Pac Rim, some of whom put on dynamic demonstrations throughout the daylong event. Guy K., a direct student of GM Cacoy Canete, praised Master Paman’s book Arnis Self-Defense, stating that the work confirmed much of what they as local arnis and eskrima exponents adhered to in the way of techniques and principles.
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    He seems to be a man of many interests and talents!
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    Arnisador I agree.. Might even be worth starting a separate thread for Master Paman updates. In fact it may not be a bad idea to start threads on any well known Kombatan instructor/master as I am sure that updates on Masters from around the world would be interesting reading for many of the forum members.
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    He certainly seems very active...who else would we list? I know Rick Manglinong taught at the WMAA Camp this past weekend.
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    There are a lot of instructors of note however Mike Bowers (USA), Johan Skalberg (Sweden), Andy Elliott (Australia) and Ernesto Presas Jnr are probably globally the 4 instructors who have the biggest clubs, number of students practicing Kombatan. All 4 are active internationally and I for one would be very interested in finding out or staying abreast of what all 4 have been up to.
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    Paman Amazon Author Page

    Our award-winning author Jose G. Paman recently secured an Author Page on Amazon. For those unfamiliar, GM Paman is a first-generation instructor graduate under GGM Presas at the first Arjuken gymnasium in Quiapo. He has written many articles and five books (including ‘Arnis Self-Defense,’ the only volume on Kombatan not penned by GGM himself), and is the California correspondent for RAPID Journal out of Manila.

    Check out his Author Page, with photo and bio, here...
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    Just came across the Author Page. Kuya Joey has started an interesting blog that says a lot about his early beginnings in Manila. I guess that like many of us, he had his share of trouble with the maton and siga of his days back home. Probably the same reason some of us took to the martial arts! Check it out here:
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    For Aspiring Writers

    Check out GM Jose G. Paman’s advice on magazine article writing in his Amazon Author Page blog entry, dated Nov. 3, 2009. It seems a simple formula indeed, but shows how he drafts his work for publication. Hopefully, some of our Kombatan sisters and brothers will likewise decide to pick up the pen and write about GGM Ernesto Presas’ method. In this way, we can propagate and preserve our unique fighting system!

    Here’s the link to GM Paman’s Author Page...

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