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    Arnis Hubad lubad Q+A
    By Kyosanim - 04-27-2010 08:45 PM


    Hi I am new to arnis, and I recently learned hubad lubad from my instructor, and I am very impressed with the drill and its many applications.

    I was wondering if someone on here would be so kind as to fill me in on FMA and hubad lubad, and where it leads to.

    My instructor already showed me a take down off of it, and showed me how strikes can be applied, but I would like to know a bit more about hubad, and FMA as a whole.

    I can already see the nearly unlimited applications of this technique, and how it could improve almost any martial art. Being a TKD black belt I already see ways to break down what I know, and I even see where it would be advantageous in grappling styles like BJJ. It seems somewhat in direct but at the same time I can see where that is part of its strength. Any info is welcome, and I would just like say that this is a fantastic martial art system.

    PS Have I seen Bruce Lee do this in his Jeet Kune Do? Because it looks familiar.


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