MT: Adding a little Groundwork

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    Adding a little Groundwork
    By stonewall1350 - 03-30-2011 08:49 PM


    So the principle in our gym has been that if you hit the ground you are dead. That makes sense, but something we have recently started doing in our kali class is working on how to get back up. This is something that you may actually have to do in real life. You may also have to learn to get an attacker off of you if you get knocked to the ground or knocked off balance by that one random step in the dark. I am just wondering what all y'all train in to get back to your feet?

    Oh a side note I have been doing brazillian jiu jitsu for a long time and I use this to my advantage in some of our drills, but really only the escapes from jiu jitsu so I can get back to my feet.


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