MT: A question I can't answer.. please help

Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by balita, Nov 6, 2006.

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    A question I can't answer.. please help
    By kailat - Mon, 06 Nov 2006 19:10:20 GMT


    Hi guys.. im a little pressed here.. I have a student who has asked me a question on a term that i am really unfamiliar with.. I think i follow what he is saying.. however, im not a hundred percent sure.. so i told him to get an accurate answer, cause i admit i don't know everything... i'd probe other boards and ask those with more experience or more familiar with this terminology.. so this was his question:

    "Can ayone explain the jkd/kali concept of zero pressure and how does it relate to zoning out in a confrontation.Also, does the zero pressure concept applicable to combat with weaponry?"


    "Mark Wiley's FMA Fighting arts,Theory and Practice, has a short section on JKD/Kali combat strategy thatr lists 5 strategies that are central to the art.Zero pressure was one of the strategies that was mentioned. Wiley briefly stated that Zero pressure is the position where an opponets attack has the least force(paraphrase). "

    So with this I ask maybe you guys could give him some feedback if you understand or follow what he is saying...i've not read this book he is mentioning... so i guess thats why i don't please..
    you may go personally and answer directly if you'd like to my forum at please sign up and join.. its a pretty slow froum.. really family oriented and close... so not alot of action or people on here.. its mostly just student based..thanks again guys.


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  2. arnisador

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    I responded to this on MT as follows:

  3. Doc

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    That sounds good to me! :) In my mind, "moving to the zero pressure area" and "zoning to the outside" are the same thing.
  4. p.v.

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    I'm sorry for laic question,but what is"zero pressure",couse I translate like "without pressure"?Some kind of synonym?
  5. lhommedieu

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    zero pressure

    "zero pressure" = 0 pressure = without pressure

    They are the same.

    Steve Lamade
  6. p.v.

    p.v. man with stick

    Thanks! :)

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