MT: #1 and #2 blocks (tip up) doesn't work?!

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    #1 and #2 blocks (tip up) doesn't work?!
    By Blade2 - 05-12-2011 06:48 PM


    Hello all,
    I train in Arnis, and I've noticed, even during slow sparring there is a problem with blocking #1 and #2 (in my system it's / and \ respectively going from up to down), using tip up block, (i.e. like #1 vs #1 and #2 vs #2, although the block might not move like a strike).
    The problem is as follows: if the attack starts from opponent shoulder level, but goes down to knees/legs in a diagonal fashion, It still looks to me like a #1 or #2 and I find myself holding my stick into air while getting hit in low-line.
    Moreover, It seems the attacked has enough time to change from head attack to low-line attack, so he can see my block and move to low-line.

    How do you solve that problem?



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