Moro-moro orabes heneral documentary

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    this is the cinco teros DVD, OF Moro-moro orabes heneral documentary, this copy will out soon let me know here, if you want some copy of it [​IMG]
    .The Cinco Teros
    .Moro-moro orabes heneral
    .Defense tactics against five cardinal strikes

    Bonus Features
    .Interview with Grandmaster Alejandro "andy" Abrian, Master Henry Espera, Guro Loreto Laurena, Amie balgoa
    .Subtitle in english and tagalog

    Joemar Obejas [​IMG]
    Rapido Realismo Kali
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    Hello everyone,

    the Moro-Moro Orabes Heneral group is attempting to raise funds for Mang Andy's treatment. The price for the tshirt is TBA ( to be announced)-but will be available hopefully by this sunday if all goes well.
    The documentary has been in the works for quite some time now-i personally haven't seen it yet but from what i gather it seems like a lot of effort was put into its making. The rare footage and the interviews that went with it were supposedly nicely done.
    Proceeds from the sale of the tshirts and other memorabilia goes to the manufacture of the DVD's and income generated from the documentary will go towards Mang Andy's medical and miscellaneous needs.
    IMHO this is for a good cause and let's put our personal differences, prejudices and politics aside to help out one of our very own living treasures...any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Maraming Salamat po

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