More trouble in Mindanao

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  1. :(

  2. More on this terrible atrocity:

  3. PG Michael B

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    The killing season arrives...election time in the Philippines...if you can't win it, buy it..if you can't buy it, kill it....Politics in the PI is a dangerous game.
  4. citom

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    The death toll is now 57..
    I weep for my country..
  5. More news on this terrible atrocity.

    Arrests expected soon....Journalists Massacre worst ever...

  6. Carol

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    What terrible news :(

    Thoughts and prayers to all :bow:
  7. sjansen

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    Isn't the Phillipines a democracy? Sure doesn't look like it. Whenever leaders running for election are killed during elections that should mean reelections with those that were elected through force not being able to run. Basic democracy in action. If those in power can take the election by force, it is not democracy, but a dictatorship. Whether it by national or local.
  8. The elections haven't even started yet...

    They were just going to register the candidacy.

    I think it transcends beyond politics as you have to be pretty sick to both order and carry out what they did to the deceased. Lets hope they are apprehended and measures taken so it doesn't happen again.
  9. citom

    citom New Member

    The main suspect has been "turned over" to the authorities and is now in custody at the National Bureau of Investigation Headquarters in Manila.
    Naturally, he denies all charges.
    The problem is that his clan is a very close political ally of the incumbent President, Gloria Arroyo.
  10. arnisador

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    Martial Law Declared in Philippine Province After Massacre

    Government officials say President Gloria Arroyo suspended civil rights in Maguindanao province Saturday, allowing troops to make arrests without warrants.

    Lawyers to question martial law imposition before SC


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