More angled attacks- Blind side at largo

Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by Ryno, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Ryno

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    As requested, here is another drill that we've been playing with, this one focusing on attacking an opponent's blind side. Once again, we are working on getting clear of our opponent's forward-facing guard, and getting our hits to wrap around his defense. In this variation we are maintaining long range, but this approach could be used as a setup to press to close range.

    Bob Park and Ryan Greene of LESKAS Seattle demonstrate.
  2. Shaun

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    Thanks to Guro Bob and Guro Ryan. I particularly like the setup with the no.1 strike,then the redrection - it is easy to switch and target the hand then elbow with the largo applicaton.
    Great Arnis.
  3. JoeBrandt

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    Thanks for sharing...

    Greetings from Frankfurt,

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