Mongo (Mung) Beans and Eskrimadors

Discussion in 'General' started by baganing_balyan, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    One eskrimador I interviewed in Cebu told me that to be a master of eskrima, one should be good in skipping and avoiding hits and strikes. He told me that to test that, I had to throw a handful of beans at him.

    This really made me laugh. I asked him how far he would be from me if I threw the beans since he was a master. He told me ten meters. hahahaha... I don't think tiny mongo beans would reach that far.

    This man had lots of stories. I hope he was not one of the eskrimadors who was the source of FMA info circulating on the net and in written materials. That just shows how these manongs are prone to imaginative exaggeration.
  2. Stone

    Stone New Member

    Greetings and respects, baganing balyan.

    So what happened when you threw the beans at him? Don't leave us all in suspense!

    You seem to have done a lot of research and study, and certainly seem to have an intense passion for what you do. What styles have you studied during your travels? How long did it take you to reach Master level as you stated in your previous thread? Tell us something about yourself. Thanks for your time.

    Respectfully, Stone.
  3. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    ranking in fma is recent. Let's just say that I have exposed myself to the twelve forms of FMA-- from dumog, the oldest fma to Filipino traditional medicine.
  4. Stone

    Stone New Member


    Umm... are you gonna finish the bean story? Seriously, I'm not messing with you, I really want to know. What happened? Did you projectile him in the face with a fist full of beans, or did he evade/deflect them?
  5. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    he had lots of stories but no mongo beans-- besides, a poor person like him should not be throwing food. from that, I got the hint.
  6. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Is evasion part of the twelve forms of FMA that you practice?
  7. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    correction: i am not the creator of the twelve forms, if that's what you think.

    They have already existed all over the Philippines even before I was born.

    My job is to record and study them, research-wise and physically, and show them that as a system, FMA has twelve forms.

    if you want to learn skipping or avoiding, parrying or covering, learn how the lumads, igorots, and muslims use their shields.

    yes, shield fighting is a form in itself. there are dances and duels just with shields no swords. If you don't know that, I don't think sarcasm will help.
  8. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Is evasion part of the Twelve Forms of FMA that you did not create but practice?
  9. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    that's a silly question. every form teaches you how to lean forward, back or sideway to control the impact of the strike or to avoid getting hit.

    in suntukan, you commonly see such techniques. mmmmm i wonder why you asked the obvious.

    By the way stick to the topic. the post is not about me. it's about the mongo eskrimador.
  10. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Is misdirection part of the Twelve Forms of FMA that you did not create but practice?
  11. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    is it part of your form? misdirection-- teaching students wrong or inadequate fma stuff?
  12. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Sorry, I don't smoke. Adherence to clean living is my advocacy.
  13. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    You know, I ma wondering what is the exact point of the bean story? Mocking some master or what? BB says that her mission (oh, she says "job", which brings another question, who is the employer:) is to record and preserve the teachings of FMA. So, she has recorded a man who trains in a little bit peculiar way, but so what? If she believes that some judgments of value of those methods are called for, than her job is to criticize not record and preserve...
    Also, why not describing some accounts of masters and teaching/training methods that she finds viable and commendable? I dare not asking for names of her teachers, the ones who lead her to the mastery, as she points out she has accomplished.
  14. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    it's not to make fun, i just find him still funny even in memory. I just want to show you how some people are prone to exaggerating and making up stories.

    In anthropology, we avoid those kind of people-- those who readily offer answers even without questions, those who drop too many names that are hard to find and document, and those who have hidden agenda why they make up unsubstantiated accounts.

    in my book, innocent kids are better sources than these old men who are not forthcoming or still in their poetic trance imagining dragons and tiburons.

    it is not easy to conduct research in the philippines. foreign researchers should know that. it is not a tour where one goes to the community and leave. one should really know the subtleties of filipino traits and philippine culture so they will know if they are fooled or supplied with answers they want to hear.

    filipinos are hospitable they will feed you a feast of food and days of stories. storytelling is a filipino art.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2008
  15. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    What's your point then? You say those people and you only cite one supposedly eskrimador who no one never heard about. Have you met one eskrimador who you can't find any fault that you deem worth recording and posting and magnified upon?
  16. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    I wish you read my others posts. I also wrote about others who said they killed aswangs, slew fire-spitting dragons, etc.

    I didn't even include their stories about kumander kidlat who ate fire, kumander langit who flew, and kumander flower who became a bush of ... oh.... maybe roses to hide from his enemies during world war 2... just too many kumander stories-- enough to write a thick book.

    the ones I found who were forthcoming all said as far as they knew eskrima started in the late 50's in visayas then became arnis when it reached manila and kali was the last evolution.
  17. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    I repeat, "Have you met one eskrimador who you can't find any fault that you deem worth recording and posting and magnified upon?"
  18. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    read my last sentence. I said "forthcoming".
  19. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    You still haven't listed the arts you have studied or (since rank is so new that you deem it beneath you to use as a guage of level of knowledge) how in depth your study, or number of years of study you have in each art.
  20. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    mmmmm it seems the stuff i learned (body) is more important than the ones I know (mind).

    Is this a pissing contest again? just read my blog and i will reveal everything including myself in the end for a shock-- well to those who know me.

    why is it that instead of probing my post, people probe me. apply what i say and find it yourself. that's how you prove things.
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