Modern Arnis Organizations, Whats the Difference?

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by The Game, Dec 23, 2006.

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    hey, john, nice to see you around.

    to clarify for those interested, there are three core systems in garimot arnis, you being with cinco tero (5 angles), move to siete colores (7 angles), then to doce pares (12 angles). each is a new set of angles and strategies (so, the siete colores is not just like cinco teros with 2 more strikes).

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    the history of arnis/kali in the philippines is actually lost in time since there was no real written history per say. however, the different systems/orgs of the art itself most likely evolved from different fighting styles of the different people who practiced the arts.

    please remember, the philippines is composed of so many islands and peoples that the art itself evolved into the different styles that focused on certain techniques that they believed to be either most effective, or most useful.

    for ex: balintawak would emphasize a hell of a lot on defense and counters, others would focus heavily on tapi-tapi, then there are also those who would focus on the takedowns, locks, etc.

    the more modern orgs would include variations taken from other arts entirely. (correct me if i'm wrong) i believe the inosanto academy mixes a lot of gung fu, wing chun, muai thai, and savate in their system. the other newly founded orgs are most likely to do the same.

    beats me which has the best system. i don't think there's one any single system that could claim that title (so don't beat yourself up thinking about it). i think it's just a matter of picking one that works for you and just keep on going till you get close enough to perfection. (i said close enough. no one can really get to perfection)
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    I have been in the world of Arnis for about 20 years or a hopeful artist, athlete, warrior, propagator and a teacher but not one among all organizations has the capabilities of really promoting the art like Japanese, Chinese, and Thailanders who made their own arts as the national art or sport in the country. This is ofcourse we Filipinos came from different origins and does it has been proven through the years that Filipinos has their own self agendas and goals. Each Islands has its own culture so as Arnis wherever a certain system originated or practiced.

    My advise, find one art to another and try to see if it fits you with your own life-style and belief against that certain art/system.

    I support all organizations trying to unite eskrimadors and propagate arnis all over the world yet I don't expect that much. I would say that if not all, some organizations are polluted. What I meant by it, is that there are some individuals join Arnis for selfish reasons.

    Fact is, Filipinos are unique individuals with different principles and perceptions in the art that it is also considered as our own curse but mysteriously also a great advantage to each one of us as a tool for check and balance.

    I would give my humble appreciation to those who trully are promoting arnis in anyway by heart, and condemn those who took advantage and gave a bad name to our art.

    Mabuhay. Always remember, the system of the art is just a guide and familiarity of what yet to come and it is you who can truly understand the art and its benefits by constantly practising and realizing it through rigid training and shaping of ones-self understanding.

    Maestro Kyle Abella
    Chief Instructor
    AbeBac Eskrima Clan
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    I think it's important to try more than one art and find that fits your lifestyle--your body movements, your philosophy, and, of course, your schedule and budget. Very few people stick with their very first art!

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