Modern Arnis Minute #3 - Two Handed Weapons

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis Minute' started by James Miller, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. James Miller

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    This issue of "The Modern Arnis Minute" is on why you would practice Double Stick attacks.

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  2. arnisador

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    Is anyone else thinking about (Ric) Bong Jornales here? He used to do a demo where he used books as props.
  3. Navadisha

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    LOL, ah thanks for the memory, haven't seen that in a while! I have a feeling KP Bong subconsiously came up with that demo from his days as a provincial in Makati on the way to school.
    Stopped in to see him a few weeks ago and he was on to double bullwhips and scaring the heck out of me! There's a bit of him with two on this second vid. He's gotten even better since then.

  4. Thanks for posting. I had completely forgot about the tournament in Mexico :(

    Did the USA get overall Champion again?

    Looks that way from the medal table but can't find it on the site....

  5. lhommedieu

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    Like the "tool without a handle" concept; the only thing I can think to add is that if your "tool" is on the lighter side (say, a notebook) you may do better using the corners as a force multiplier. I once saw a guy attack another guy with an umbrella, to no real effect. If he'd used the tip to sungkete the results might have been different. Of course if you tool is on the lighter, softer side (say, a duffel bag) you're better off using one hand or elbow to attack after the initial parry and then back to two hands on the bag if you still want to use it to parry. Switching to kicks on the low line makes sense here too. So I can see at least two (of many possible) techniques coming out of the principles, above:

    With a notebook:

    Step back and parry right forehand, overhead attack (two hands on notebook)
    Step in and rake opponent's right eye area with lead corner of notebook (using two hands)
    Come down on bridge of nose with other corner of notebook (using two hands) OR drop notebook and do the same with Gumataotao...

    With a duffel bag:

    Step back and parry right forehand, overhead attack (two hands on duffel)
    Let go of duffel with right hand and hammer fist face or clavicle (downward), or use right forearm to sheer brachial plexus (out and slightly upward)
    Step in with overhand left elbow (downward), knee to quadriceps, low Thai-style kick, etc. (you can still hold on to duffel if you want to, this way)

    Just a couple of the 10,000 things you could do, fwiw...



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