Modern Arnis Minute #11 - Triangular Footwork

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis Minute' started by James Miller, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    This issue of "The Modern Arnis Minute" is on footwork.

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  2. Hudson

    Hudson Junior Member

    Once again informative, simple & direct instruction by Datu.
  3. tim prater

    tim prater New Member

    I asked my instructor if we could do footwork in one of our extra classes. I feel that my footwork is weak. In level two, I am clumsy at entering when we enter off the siniwali into the rolling and breakouts etc. We practiced entering for awhile and I got better! It progressed into entering, techniques ,breakouts, and turned into hardcore sparring that looked like a fight! We also went over the footwork in siniwali boxing that I was not getting right. I'm halfway thinking we should gear up and hit each other for real. Better footwork is my goal for now.

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