Modern Arnis in Tagalog letters

Discussion in 'General' started by buguhan, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. buguhan

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    does someone know how to write "Modern Arnis" in that Tagalog letters?!

    If I use "Tagalog Stylized" at WORD, I only get the "translation" letter by letter, but not the correct writing.

    I hope that some Phillipines natives /Tagalog speaking/writing people can help me.

    Salamat Po
  2. I think you mean Alibata / Baybayin and not Tagalog...

    One of my Modern Arnis customers asked for the letters before but the graphic is lost somewhere......
  3. Phil Mar Nadela

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    Kuya Simon is right, it is Baybayin. I think youll have a problem translating the "modern" cause it still needs to be translated to Filipino then you can do it in baybayin.

    I suggest Arnis de Mano, i know it is spanish but im not sure if you can just say "Bagong Arnis".
  4. Alibata is an old language. "Modern" didn't exist.

    I am always tickled by that to be honest but hey it looks cool :)

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