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    Modern Arnis Hall of Fame Foundation
    In the summer of 2011 following the Modern Arnis Reunion I was informed that prior to Prof Presas' passing he wanted to form a Modern Arnis Hall of Fame. In addition I was told that I was one of seven names given by Prof Presas to the HOF trustee, Michael T. Bates. These people would be receiving the "Professor's Choice Award". The entire list of recipients are as follow in the order as I was told:

    Fred King
    Kelly Worden
    Tim Hartman (me)
    Lee Lowry
    Dan Anderson
    Dieter Knuttel
    Shishir Inocalla

    As one of the original inductees, I decided that I would assist with the foundation. At the HOF Camp I received my award and certificate. When I got home I noticed that there was only one signature on the diploma. I thought that it was a little strange seeing that Prof. had been dead for 11 years. I figured that Michael did this because only the first seven inductees were chosen by Remy and the others were nominated by Michael and members like myself. I was mistaken.

    Everyone who has been inducted since the birth of the HOF Foundation has been inducted on the signature Remy A. Presas. No other signatures are on the diplomas. Furthermore the foundation (Michael T. Bates) has been making rank promotions and who's the only signature on the diplomas? Prof Remy A. Presas. Did I mention he died in 2001?

    So after taking time to get my thoughts organized so I could have a logical and calm discussion with the Trustee of the Foundation, I called up Michael to discuss this issue. He admitted the use and that it wasn't an over site or mistake, but a designed choice on his part. I told him that I disagreed with his choice and how both the awards and rank promotions look bogus with only a dead man's signature. Michael's response was that we could discuss this at next year's camp and had no intention doing anything about any sooner if at all. That being said I feel the need to make the following decision.

    I am officially distancing myself from the Modern Arnis Hall of Fame Foundation for the constant use of the signature of my teacher and adopted father, the late GM Prof. Remy A. Presas. I have no problems with the inductees or rank promotions that were done the first two years of my involvement of the foundation, but this has all been done by the Trustee not Prof. As long as this continues I will boycott this event. The phrase I keep hearing from Michael is “What would Prof want or do"? I'll bet what he wouldn't want was someone forging his signature and using his name without permission.

    Respectfully yours,
    "Datu Tim" Hartman
    Grand Master Presas Arnis
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    That is just not right Tim! Nobody should be using the Professor's signature!

    I have serious issues with all of the current Hall of Fames or should we say Hall of Shames. Way to many promoters or the people organizing them have done so for one purpose and that is to make money. Since I have been contacted several times each one wasn't really an award but instead a way for the promoter to make money. Typically, it goes like this. You get and award. Pay money for your meal which is highly marked up and or pay outright for your award. Pay for your travel, lodging, etc. The person promoting it some times even gets you to teach for free of course while they charge and make money on the seminar. These things have become just scams. Even the one that used to be really good ie. Black Belt Magazine has changed through the years. Ever notice how many inductees now spend big money advertising in Black Belt? A connection me thinks.

    Conversely I was recently at a professional awards ceremony. Rooms were paid for, food was paid for, awards were paid for. Nothing out of pocket for the attendees and award winners. That is a true award ceremony!

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