Modern Arnis Family Reunion Camp pics.

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Bob Hubbard, Jul 17, 2011.

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    I was privileged to spend the last 4 days at the Modern Arnis Family Reunion Camp hosted by Datu Tim Hartman in Buffalo NY. It was 4 long days filled with tons of great training, comradery and just plan fun.

    The instructors were

    • Master Dan Anderson MA 80
    • Master Chuck Gauss IMAF
    • Datu Tim Hartman WMAA
    • Datu Dieter Knüttel DAV
    • Master Rick Manglinong IPMAF and WMAA
    • Master Rich Parsons Independent
    • Master Brian Zawilinski IMAF

    Datu Kelly Worden NSI was supposed to attend but an acident kept him from making the trip unfortunately.

    Guests included Grandmaster Max Pallen, Grand Master Ron Van Browning and Grand Master Kim Foreman.

    A number of other's stopped in including Master Michael Bates & Sifu Doug Pierre.

    Here are a few of the over 1,400 shots I took this camp. I'm tired, it was fun, and I'm sorry it is over.

    Enjoy. :)


    Best. Camp. Ever.

    I didn't get out of there until almost 4pm today.
    I am sooo very glad I shoot digital.
    If I was shooting film...I'd owe Kodak a new plant I think.

    Final tally of shots: 1,457
    Thursday: 343
    Friday: 319
    Saturday: 555
    Sunday: 240

    Gonna take a week to work through them and process [​IMG]

    The feeling I had at the end, was one I haven't felt in a long time. Sadness. Sadness that it was over.
    I could tell that the instructors were having a kids playing. You could see how much they love the arts, how much they loved sharing.
    It was a good time. Some people weren't able to make it. We missed them. Most notable was the absence of Datu Worden. His letter was read at the opening of the camp, and he's commented on some of the Facebook updates on his regrets as being unable to make it, and his happiness that it was so much of a success.

    The egos, I didn't see them. The politics, I didn't hear them. Just a great tribute to GM Remy Presas, by some older and wiser friends and students of his, who put aside old issues, traveled great distances, and made a hell of an event happen.

    Thank you. That was something I was glad to be part of.

    And only 1 mirror had to die. [​IMG]

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    Thanks so much! Mr. Hubbard was very gracious with his time, as people (like me) dragged him over to take special shots. He has a great eye. I even got to be his lighting assistant at one point!
  5. RevDogo

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    Wow..I don't know how that got passed me.
    I would have loved to learn from Mr Anderson.
  6. Dan Anderson

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    I usually don't speak for others but I am confident in saying that the instructors had as good a time as the students. Those of you who missed the camp missed having one hell of a time.

    Dan Anderson
  7. Dan Anderson

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    Thanks for the compliment. We'll meet up in the future.

    Dan Anderson
  8. RevDogo

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    hehehe, Dan Anderson talked to me!
    yeah, im a geek!
  9. Hudson

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    Great photos as always Bob!
    You are over worked and under paid!!


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