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Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Crafty Dog

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    What happened in the UFC on Saturday night? I heard Rashad outpointed Rampage. How did his striking game look? Was there anything distinctive about it?
  2. PG Michael B

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    The entire card in my opinion was a snooze fest....The Ramapge and Evans fight garnered boos through out. They hyped the game with so much smack talk, firing up the fans on the 4 part build up aired on SPIKE...then delivered a ho-hum wrestling match. Evans controlled the game throughout using his superior wrestling...laying on top of Jackson for the most part deliverying what appeared to be pitty pat punches to keep the referre from standing it up, where Jacksons power might have prevailed....Jackson clipped Evans in the third and it appearred he dropped him..but if you look close enough it was more like Evans was shooting into Jackson and caught an inadvertant knee...Jackson got him against the cage and tried to deliver some hard punches (don't understand why when the elbo would have been choice)...Rashad covered up maybe getting hit twice in the entire melee against the fence. Evans then reversed the playing field and the fight went back to their feet where Evans again double legged Jackson gained side controlled and rode him till the final bell....all three judges scored it 30-27. The other fights were same same..Bisping out boxed Dan Miller in a play it safe, keep him at distance game...Miller didn't even try to shoot, which would have been his best much for his exhaulted BJJ skills..LOL>>>never saw any of them.

    This UFC was a snooze fest and the main even thsould have been a mid fight level scenario, not a main event. I personally wasn'timpressed with Jackson (looks like his better days are behind him) and Evans is to me boring as watching paint dry. I understand that it is a sanctioned fight where rules and regulations are the key and game plans are honed and deliveredd (s0metimes)...but this was horrific to watch. IMHO the night would have been served better watching re-runs of EMERGENCY!....
  3. I agree it was not very entertaining fare.

    What was DEFINITELY worth a 2nd look was "Robocop" lookalike Mike Russow's knock out.

    He was fighting an absolute beast (Todd Duffee) and took a pounding for 2 rounds until he pulled a devastating punch out of nowhere and knocked him out. Unbelievable.


    dead or alive you're coming with me....
  4. arnisador

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    I'm just looking forward to seeing Rampage Jackson in The A-Team soon!
  5. Crafty Dog

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    Via the folks involved with our PPV deal I got a free fourth row seat in the VIP section at the UFC on Saturday. I was about 8 seats diagonally from where Dana White was sitting , , , and in front of a older looking than expected Hugh Grant. The only thing louder than the music and the roar of the crowd that I can remember were some Jefferson Airplane concerts I went to some 40 years ago , , ,

    Some so-so fights and some very good ones. I was not surprised by BL getting his assed decisively kicked. He flinched when hit decently one time by Carwell, and survived to win only because Carwell, who was used to KTFO all his opponents early, gassed. As scary as BL looks (I sure would not want to fight him with less than a shotgun!) CV was only about 25 pounds smaller i.e. big enough to not get manhandled. BL opened with a big "I am going to kick your ass right now" surge; I was impressed with the look of utter composure on CV's face as he opened the range from the first clinch.

    What I suspected after BL's fight with Carwell was confirmed IMHO. He is such a big scary guy that he never has been tested by getting really hit-- and when he does get hit, he is not emotionally prepared for it.

    It will be very interesting to see how BL responds to this loss. Getting caught in a foot lock by Frank Mir is one thing-- trainer Erik Paulson can show him how to solve that. Getting your face split open presents a very different question.

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