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    I am in receipt of a communication asking after the location of the following two threads:
    MT: What exactly is Modern Arnis?
    MT: Modern Arnis Clips
    The MT prefix indicates that these posts were originally made on MartialTalk by a MartialTalk user and ported over here by the thread-sharing program that acts as the user balita. I usually move any thread that gets, or appears to me that it might get, attention from other users to the appropriate forum, both for housekeeping reasons and for users looking for more specific information. I don't usually leave a redirect as otherwise the original forum would be full of them, making it hard to find actual posts in there.

    We rarely remove posts, as I would think disruptive events of the recent past would show. We do so when they're spam, threatening, in extremely poor taste, raise copyright or other legal issues, or are otherwise a violation of our rules. We don't censor ideas and opinions, and we welcome practitioners of all the FMAs (and those just interested in them).

    Questions may be directed to me via PM or to Tim Hartman, the owner of the site.

    -FMAT Admin

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