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Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Parking attendants trained to watch for terrorists.

    Parking attendants trained to watch for terrorists

    Seems like good thinking...but it amazes me what we're doing to adapt to the new realties.
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    Woman with martial arts training stops serial rapist/murderer, leading to his capture

    John Albert Gardner's Tears an Act, Expert Says

    I hadn't heard of the jogger escaping before this, or hadn't appreciated that she successfully defended herself at least. From another story:

    I found myself wondering if she knew any martial arts or was just willing to fight back. She did have some training, according to this story:

    He later claimed while in the courtroom that she didn't successfully hit him. There are more details and a screen hot of the woman here.

    If you're running a martial arts school and teaching useful material with liveness in your training, you're doing something good! This woman: a.) escaped unharmed, b.) remembered to not wash so she could give a DNA sample, c.) described the assailant for police, and c.) identified the assailant after his arrest. (Police stepped up patrols in the area where it happened and arrested him there from her description.) This is an individual who raped and murdered two girls (and had previously been convicted of forcibly molesting another) and who would have done the same to her...and others if not for this woman's actions.

    Oh, and if you've ever been guilty of saying (or thinking) that a woman can't beat a bigger man...this guy is doing two terms of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, one term of twenty five-years to life imprisonment, and an additional twenty-four years' imprisonment, and the jogger is still jogging.
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    Sex assault suspect shot with own gun.

    Cops: Woman forced to perform sex act shoots suspect with own gun

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    Teen saves little brother from kidnappers...with a pinch!

    Teen saves little brother from kidnappers

    Two young boys fought back during an attempted kidnapping on the southwest side. Now, police are searching for the men who tried to grab them.

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    Mass. writer who kicked gun from RFK's killer dies

    When I read he had kicked the gun from his hand I was picturing something much more Billy Jack at first!
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    Taser used to subdue man with sword

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    Police to review officer's actions in videotaped punch.

    Police to review officer's actions in videotaped punch

    Seattle police will conduct a review of the Monday confrontation in which an officer punched a teenage girl in the face after she shoved him. The incident was captured by a witness on video.

    I watched the video at this link. His actions seemed very reasonable to me--she was very resistive and a friend of hers was also helping her resist at the point in question. I'm actually surprised he didn't pepper-spray her or something.
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    Rising above crime amid the South Africa World Cup

    Inspired by the birds, one man built a thief-proof house without alarms, electric fencing, or security beams in crime-ridden South Africa, host of the 2010 World Cup.

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    When Neighbors Help Neighbors Fight Crime

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    Blinding laser beam newest police tool

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    Woman fends off convicted rapist's attack.

    Lawrence woman fends off large man's attack

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    Muscles remember past glory: Extra nuclei produced by training survive disuse.

    One thing about many self-defense classes offered, and martial tactics taught to LEOs etc., is that they aren't practiced daily. Will they still work? Well, I'm amazed at how often I can still pull off a technique I learned in wrestling 30 years ago. This story is about weight-lifting but sheds some light on the matter:

    Muscles remember past glory
    Extra nuclei produced by training survive disuse

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    Stupid Criminals.

    Suspects With Face Tattoos Make Things Easy for Police

    There are several examples given, but I liked this one best:

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    Rider Asks if Cabby Is Muslim, Then Stabs Him

    Rider Asks if Cabby Is Muslim, Then Stabs Him

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    Passerby thwarts sex assault.

    Passerby thwarts sex assault

    Yes, you still need an answer for the wrist grab--and it needs to be something you can do while a larger person is dragging you by them.
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    83-Year-Old Marine Fights Off Teen Attacker

    83-Year-Old Marine Fights Off Teen Attacker

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    Dog Gets Award For Saving Sex Attack Victim


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