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    Santa Fe artist's work screams of injustices

    This is a story on a photo book of the horrors in Rwanda and Sudan ("Africa: The Holocausts of Rwanda and Sudan"). The story itself is quite depressing. However, I wanted to comment on this small part of the story:

    We watched an episode of Conquest recently. It discussed stone-age weapons, starting with the stick and progressing to the club, etc. In this day and age, though, there are still people going into battle armed soley with sticks.

    There is a slide show of four images here; the third one shows a young boy with a rifle.
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    Clubs and the Great War.

    Speaking of stick usage in armed conflicts post-firearms, we watched the "Trench Warfare" episode of Conquest tonight. They showed trench knives, of course, but indicated that there were also medieval-style clubs used in the trenches, and even demonstrated a person invading (with others) an enemy trench with a rifle in one hand and a spiked club in the other. Is this accurate? I'm sure it happened sometime, somewhere, but they made it seem as though club usage was common in WWI trench warfare.
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    It looks like there was some club usage. This site would be the place to find out moore (has a nice edged weapons section too)


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    I knew of trench knives, but not trench clubs! It's amazing to me how late in the technological era the stick remains a viable and used weapon.

    Welcome to the site, by the way!
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    How bout the simplicity of the Sudanese Freedom Fighter knife methods...Jab, Grab & Stab. Can't get any easier to master and very functional to say the least.
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    Stick usage in Dhaka and Kanchpur (Bangladesh).

    Dhaka put under siege, streets turn battlefields

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    Rattan Canes for Whippings.

    An article on Islamic Law in Indonesia discusses the application of the rattan cane in judicial punishment.
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    Club Used in Brazil.

    Brazilian Indians storm mining complex

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    More on Primitive Weapons in Sudan.

    Poisoned Arrows vs. Machine Guns

    Only a preview online, but the article goes on to state that most people carry a bow and arrows and "[m]any also carry spears and swords" for protection against the rifle-carrying attackers.
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    Accompanying the copy of this story in my local paper (Terre Haute, IN) was a picture wherein a "Palestinian uses a slingshot to throw a stone at Israeli border police". I would estimate the length of the slingshot to be about 4 feet.

    Again, I am amzed at how often 'primitive' weapons are used in third millenium conflicts.
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    Slingshots, again.

    Police in Tijuana issued sling shots

    The photo caption begins "A Tijuana city police officer, who did not want to be identified, displays one of numerous slingshots that were distributed to police..."

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    Club and Pen vs. Mountain Lion.

    Wife uses branch, pen to fight off lion

    In the version I read in my local paper (a shortened version appears at the end here) it said:

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    Slingshots--Seen on MartialTalk.

    A slingshot site, with a forum for slingshots and also "Other Primite Weapons" such as the spear, bola, chackrum, knive, sword, bow, atlatl, whip, blowguns, axe, boomerang, siege engines, etc.
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    Palestinian demonstrator vs. Israelis.

    Seen on Yahoo!.

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    Sling Shot

    There was a great picture in the New York Times (front page) last week of a Palestinian boy using a sling against Israeli army soldiers a hundred yards away. The boy was siloetted against a wall of flames in the background and he was just about to hurl his stone.

    I couldn't find the original picture but here's something similar:


    I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who thought about the biblical reference brought up by the picture.


    Steve Lamade
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    Mace in a H.S.

    Gary student pulls medieval weapon

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    Seen on MT.

    91-Year-Old Uses Cane To Fight Off Attacker

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    Resident's hammer puts end to attack

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    Yes, they can be "hidden in plain sight" as the saying goes!

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