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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by tellner, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Concerning recent threads about how this teacher or that teacher is the best thing in the world and how we should just believe that our stuff is lower than whale dung by comparison...

    We all think that whatever we do is the best thing around. If it weren't we'd switch to something else. Or at least it's what best suits our needs and is available within the distance we're willing to travel. I respect your right to your opinion. You respect my right to mine. That doesn't mean that either of us has to respect the particular beliefs or think they're anything more than untreated effluent. And it particularly doesn't mean that a person can make outrageous claims and not expect them to be challenged. Since we're civilized people those challenges are on the level of facts and reason. If we lived in another time and place they would be more along the lines of "Fill your hand!"
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    That's pretty much it, Tellner. :bow:

    Moderator hat on for a moment.

    Any on-topic discussion is welcome as long as its civil...including whether that is a rave or a criticism of an instructor. Many of us have had great experiences and not-so-great experiences regarding interacting with our instructors, and I think sharing those stories can make for some interesting discussions.

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  3. Sheldon Bedell

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    Having been around the arts for more than a few years I must to some degree with what tellner has said. Way to many times I have meet people or read articles by various martial arts people saying that what they have is the best or only way to do something and that anyone doing anything different or changing what they do is completely wrong.
    Somehow I always thought that part of the idea of learning martial arts was to learn, evaluate, and take what is useful for your own use. To say that one system or one person has all the knowledge seems strange because I have not met everyone or seen all yet.
    Yes some arts practice a certain thing, be it knives, sticks, kicks, throws, etc. but to say that something outside of that organization can not work is is wrong just screams of an ego trip and delusional self importance. To say that no one can beat a student of system "X" or disarm that student seems to be an advertising ploy more than a fact.
    I may be completely wrong but I have always thought that there was more to learn and that no one system was the best and that we all can learn from one another

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