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Discussion in 'FMA in the News' started by Carol, Dec 16, 2007.

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    This argument is becoming repetitive. We qualified the statements and actions to a reasonably broad worldview, we didn't set out to be all things to all men.

    I don't get the non-modern, pejorative, slur you insist FMA and cultural practices bestow upon a nation. The pejorative quality isn't there, except, it seems, in your eyes. I think you will have to remain one of the people outside our reasonably broad worldview.

    Please stop watching it, stop "enjoying" it and save your indignation for something worthwhile.
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    funny how u say it's only in my eyes. ive already received a pm from another member (an americano, i might add) who agrees with what i said. some of my other American friends (i am in Chicago, not the PI) also agree to some degree.

    watch this clip on a totally different subject but related. things he says in the latter part of it seems to apply here:

    Re: Can You Trust The News?

    obviously you arent open to constructive criticism. too bad, decent show, terrible attitude from one of the makers...

    after a little more thought, i remembered something quite contrary. Lets review the following again...


    lets look at the opening statement
    Broad worldview? EHNNN
    Further lets break it down some more.
    u get a well spoken seemingly educated possibly westernized filipino talk about how to infuse amulets with magic. how do we know he wasnt telling you this the same way someone tells you about a four leaf clover or a rabbits foot. how do we know he really believes it or not other that what u said. here u seem to be saying, hey even the educated filipinos still believe in magic.

    i could go on, but it seems just these 2 examples is enough to refute your presentation of the material in a broad worldview. in fact, the first example
    alone refutes your statement.
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    You can easily contact Daniel Foronda and ask him what he believes. Also check the comments on the youtube page, all the ones from Mumbakki9 are from Daniel Foronda.

    I really don't think these clips set out to make filipinos look bad, i think it's just exploring some of the more esoteric sides of the martial arts. Have you watched the whole series? There is some really weird chinese and japanese stuff in there too.

    I can see how you might think they show a narrow world view, but I wouldn't project those feelings on the makers of the show. I think it's fairly obvious that these things aren't common practices even in the countries in which they are set. I don't see anything that points to all filipinos believing in what is presented.

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    hey pete, kamusta again.

    i wasnt trying to project it to them. my first reply was to the forum in general. then will commented on my comment, and i commented on his comment, then he commented back, and next thing you know we're flow sparring. it was not my intention debate the issue in the first place, but one thing led to another hence the verbal tete-a-tete. if you like you can blame it on my hot filipino blood. ith weelly weelly thspicy
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    I think it's best we move on. Both sides have made their points.

    -FMAT Admin

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