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    Hello! My name is Paolo Cristobal, and I currently study in San Beda College - Alabang, Philippines. I'm studying Moro Moro Orabes Heneral and Arnis Defense Silat. But i haven't learnt enough yet to be called a practioner as i haven't finished the basics yet.

    Our group practices in Luneta Park, Manila, PH every Sunday 1-4 pm. Sadly i cannot go anymore as I have other priorities during Sunday afternoons. Anyway, i still remain and keep in touch with my fellow practioners there every now and then.

    Ah, anyway, I'm Paolo and i'm thankful for having met Datu Tim and inviting me here. i hope to learn more about our practice, which is Arnis/Escrima/Kali whatever name they call this art.

    Ah, i came to love this art, with the movies and cartoons i watched while growing up. And i'm just as excited as any kid being able to play their "childhood heroes" like Aoshi with his twin blade style. Haha. :)) I'm pursuing this art to satisfy my "immature fantasies" but whatever the reasons we have as long as we practice the art, it doens't really matter. Haha, hmm... how can i cut it short. Its not for self-defense, its for enjoyment. I practice arnis for pleasure.

    I guess ,that's it for now.

    Thank you for hearing me out.

    Paolo Jerome Cristobal
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    Welcome to FMATalk! [​IMG]
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    Welcoem! Please tell us more about Moro Moro Orabes Heneral.
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    I'm new here too, but welcome, Paolo!

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