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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by longrange, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. longrange

    longrange New Member

    can anyone tell me if there any Instructors that are teaching Max Sarmeinto's ,Cadenda Mano methods as a stand alone system.Im looking for individaul would have acutaly trained directly with Master Sarmiento.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    Imo, only one name comes to my mind if you want to learn Max Sarmiento's Cadena; Master Jimmy Tacosa. Jimmy not only mastered Serrada Eskrima's Cadena under GGM Angel Cabales, but also mastered Max Sarmiento's Cadena de Mano. Max was known to hang out regularly in Stockton with Angel's group. Hence, Jimmy's first hand knowledge/training with Max.

    I do believe Dentoy Revillar and Mike Inay were also students of Max. However, from what i hear, Jimmy is known to have greatly excelled in this area.
  3. longrange

    longrange New Member

    Cadena de Mano

    Hi Puginto,
    Thank you kindly for you help.Do you know if Jimmy teaches Cadena De Mano to indivduals.I have had a few invites to study with some guy's from serada but they want $100.00 + per hour for private training and between $2000/ $5000 for a small group weekend workshop and it's to much cash for me as Im based in Europe.

    I have seen a very small amount of max's materail via DVD from from Mike Inay,do you know what other elements/training methods Max had in his system apart from the flow drills that are presented in the DVD'S?

  4. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    an approved Serrada Eskrima instructor in Europe taught by no other than...... Jimmy Tacosa.

    Unfortunately, in order to fully learn Max's Cadena, you will probably wind up doing privates with an instructor of the highest caliber and those lessons wont be cheap. i suggest you take focus on Serrada Eskrima in general and become proficient with Serrada's Cadena before fine tuning with Max's Cadena. It's sort of a closely guarded secret from what i hear and you'll be hard pressed to find someone who will teach you strictly Max's Cadena right off the bat. Unless of course you pay top dollar. Besides you probly wont be able to fully grasp Max's Cadena without being a high caliber fma player in the first place. Kinda like trying to learn how to run b4 having the skills to even walk.
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  5. longrange

    longrange New Member

    Great news,
    will give him a shout.
    Thank you
  6. Christian

    Christian New Member

    Hi Longrange,

    maybe you want to also contact this guy:

    The website is about Italian martial arts, but Roberto was a long time student of Jimmy Tacos and also teaches Cadene sometimes.

  7. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    Oops i forgot to address this part directly. As i mentioned earlier, Max Sarmiento worked out with Angel Cabales' Stockton group. I have also heard that because of that association, Max even became a student of Angel while at the same time, instructing his Cadena to certain students at the school.

    So look for a good Serrada Eskrima class if possible, thats where you will begin to encounter some of Max's Cadena while learning a good solid base with Serrada Cadena.
  8. longrange

    longrange New Member

    thanks for your help.I dont realy want to study serrada at present as a stick art as Im teaching two styles of FMA at the mo. I have been studying FMA for 15 years ,pukulan for 10 years and have been looking stricktly for Max's Cadena for about 5 years as I want to deepen my emptyhands and knife work.I know that most instructors will teach me some knife work,but Id like to see what Max had to offer.
    do you guys have info on the serrada method of Cedena?Iv read a little in books and the like but thats about it.
    Long range
  9. pguinto

    pguinto New Member

    Flavio Addei of Italy teaches serrada under the tacosa banner.
    At the risk of sounding cryptic, i can tell you that, in serrada, cadena movements are direct translations of the stick movements; ie take away the stick but do the exact same thing, just with open hands. if u learn serrada counters, you are in essense learning serrada cadena.

    it might seem paltry to relearn some basic counters, however there are micro-steps within any given serrada counter that will be significant when translating to open hands and/or knife.
  10. longrange

    longrange New Member

    Thank you Pguinto.
    long range
  11. InayanCog

    InayanCog New Member

    Hi longerange, not sure if you are still looking but in Germany is a pretty good source. Master Tacosa is definitely a KDM / CDM genius, but he is very selective (as are most FMA instructors) on who he reveals the art to. It looks like you have been training for some time now, so I would recommend picking up a couple videos and applying the concepts to your existing system of techniques. Here's a good Euro video source:

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