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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by sandan, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. sandan

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    I used to train with Master Pete Robas several years ago when he used to teach modern arnis to the senior yudanshas (blackbelts) of Aikido Philippines (

    Anybody here trained with him?
  2. Datu Dieter

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    if you mean Pepito Robas, yes, I trained with him.
    Not a lot and long ago, in 1983, but still.


    Datu Dieter
    GM of the DAV
  3. timagua

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    early arjuken

    Pepito Robas was an original instructor graduate at GGM Ernesto Presas’ Arjuken gym at Quiapo in Manila. He appeared in the book The Art of Arnis (1981, published by Ernesto A. Presas & Associates and the Arjuken Karate Association). This rare book features a unique glimpse into GGM Ernesto’s art as it was taught in the 1970s and ‘80s. It includes photographs of some of the earliest Arjuken instructors: Roberto Presas, Pepe Yap, Willie Madla, Pepito Robas, Jose G. Paman and the late Jackson Cui Brocka.

    Master Paman, author of the recent book Arnis Self-Defense (2007, distributed by Random House), acknowledges Pepito Robas on page 35 of that book as well.
  4. eskrimador

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    Master Pete Robas, is a distant relative of Presas family, Pito as we call him, is one of the senior of Arjuken the day before. He also the bridge between Dulay's group from old Arjuken instructors to GM Remy Presas. I used to be with him in the gym as "batang gym' during the early 80's and with him teaching arnis in DBP, Central Bank and other private families and celebrities. He used to be the fight instructor of the movie Kamagong.
  5. Otsotiros

    Otsotiros New Member

    GM Pepito Robas


    i`m the commissioner for GM Pepito Robas Otsotiros-Arnis-System
    in Germany and studied with him this february/march (2009) in
    the Philippines.


    Punong Guro Dieter S.
    R.O.B.A.S. (Germany)

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