Master Christopher Ricketts (1955 - 2010)

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    Hi guys,

    When I heard the news of Master "Topes" passing away I was devastated! and I did not want to make a comment until I had verified this very sad news. Having verified it I have to say that this is a loss to us all in great magnitude, not only was he an ambasador to the world concerning the Pilipino Warrior Arts but he was also a very good friend, mentor and role model to many, including myself.

    Master "Topes" was an instrumental part in the evolution of Lameco Eskrima as he was the sparring partner of Edgar G. Sulite during the infancy of Lameco Eskrima and many combative truths were discovered in those early sparring matches between Edgar and Toper, they were brothers in the arts and the best of friends. Master "Topes" influence on Lameco Eskrima is unable to be calculated as he has done so much to its credit early on in its creation, he will be missed dearly by all in Lameco Eskrima and by countless people the world over.

    Master "Topes" was the highest ranking student of Lameco Eskrima under Punog Guro Edgar G. Sulite and the system of Lameco Eskrima was left to his care after the death of P.G. Sulite in 1997. Master "Topes" was also one of the 5 pillars of Kali Illustrisimo, training under the tutelage of Antonio "Tatang" Illustrisimo and he was Head Instructor of Bakbakan International. His skills were astonishing and his combative knowledge extensive, he was one of the marvels who literally defined my generation of the Pilipino Warrior Arts. He set an example for all of us to follow...

    I look to his capable son Bruce Ricketts to carry on his legacy. Bruce is an outstanding young Eskrimador with very impressive skills who his father Master "Topes" was extremely proud of and rightly so. I look for great things to come by the efforts of Bruce Ricketts as he carries his fathers legacy into the next generation of the Pilipino Warrior Arts.

    To the family of Master Christopher Ricketts and to everyone whom he influenced or was associated with I give my deepest sincerest condolences during this very difficult time. Rest in peace Master "Topes" you will be missed.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    Hi Guro Dave!

    Hi Friends!

    The loss of Master Christopher Ricketts is very sad, my condolences to the family, I hope that "Topher" rest in the hands of the good Lord...

    Alex Garduño

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