Master Brandon Jordan

Discussion in 'Pedoy's Derobio Escrima' started by amadeus, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. amadeus

    amadeus New Member

    I wanna take a moment and publically thank Master Brandon Jordan for taking the time to indroduce me to the Derobio style recently. He is an extremely gifted instructor and I can't praise him enough. If anyone is in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I strongly encourage you to contact him about taking lessons. I know that if I'm ever in the area again I will... And I think that as soon as I get to Ft. Stewart and get things in order I'll contact GM Medina about studying the style on a regular basis...
  2. robertlk808

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    Master Brandon Jordan moved to Seattle? Quite a few talented FMA people in the Seattle \ Tacoma area.

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