Martial Arts Training For the Mind By Mich Andrews

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    Martial Arts Training For the Mind By Mich Andrews
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    Martial Arts Training For the Mind
    By Mich Andrews

    When people think about martial arts training or sports training for athletes, the images that come to mind are those of punishing schedules, sweating bodies, reddened limbs and being out of breath. Yes, of course all this is true because physical improvement and athletic mastery, at the highest levels, takes enormous hard work, discipline and sustained effort.
    How many people though contemplate the mental side of training? Few people realise the power the mind has over how much we train as well as how often and how successful we can be in that training.

    Why train the mind?

    Should we even bother thinking about this fact when we are making efforts to improve our performance? Of course we should! It is vital, necessary and immensely worthwhile. You wouldn't train the lower part of your body and not the upper part would you? How about one arm and not the other? No, of course not. The mind and by this I mean our imagination and our attitudes, can be the difference between average and exceptional, mediocre and excellent!

    The difference between success and failure

    Ask any athlete if they see themselves winning their event whilst they train and they will tell you YES! This is training the mind for success. I'm surprised at some people I meet who whilst preparing for their latest grading or competition, admit to being able to see themselves losing. This is a shame because what is happening here is that they are letting their imagination get in the way of their success.

    Images of success

    Now we all have doubts and it is realistic to contemplate defeat by a worthy and better opponent but we mustn't indulge in this fantasy if it isn't yet true or hasn't yet happened. We have to replace those images with images of success and victory. Whether that is winning the competition, passing the grading exam or simply performing the technique the right way in class, we need to engage our mind and get it to work for us instead of against us.

    How do we do this?

    Well, what happens when you perform a technique the wrong way? You think to yourself I don't want to do it that way, let's try again. Eventually you get it right. It's the same with the mind; you can tell yourself I don't want to see that picture of defeat again and you replace it with an image of success.

    Now it isn't easy at first to get rid of those negative pictures but it can be done and if you can train yourself physically then you can train yourself mentally. Begin over time to develop an image of yourself achieving your desired success. Make it big and colourful and bold. See people congratulating you and being impressed by your efforts and feel that sense of achievement at having accomplished the goal.

    In this way you will begin to build up in your imagination the image of the successful you and it will feel more and more natural. Your training will improve and so will your technique as your body begins to adapt itself to your internal attitude of success!

    Mich Andrews is a writer and martial arts practitioner.
    Visit Mich's martial arts related website for more great articles on hand to hand combat and self defense techniques.
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