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    Threat of fight clubs rings a bell

    Are they the result of an ancient violent tendency or the sign of a more bloodthirsty generation? Experts see signs of both tendencies.

    Tai chi with a touch of rock

    Are martial arts classes appropriate for clergy?

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    Various stories touching on the martial arts.

    Young Sikh Men Get Haircuts, Annoying Their Elders

    Just an incidental mention of Judo:

    She's still a knockout after 10 years in ring

    Ex-Playboy model has solid record-- and marketability

    This house is fit for a Tae Bo king

    The print article had several pictures:
    Extracting meaning from the world of violence

    A review of Four Days to Glory: Wrestling With the Soul of the American Heartland, by Mark Kreidler, and A Fighter's Heart: One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting, by Sam Sheridan.

    How a Cast Got Its Kicks. And Throws. And Punches.

    Only a partial preview available online; the print article has several pictures.

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    Japan's mania for certification

    The deadly art of writing (about kung fu)

    Off Main Street: Kung fu campaigning

    Police sergeant uses judo move to pin down burglar in parent's home

    Short Cuts

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    Six year old BB (Seen on MT).

    Cary Girl, 6, Headed to Tae Kwon Do World Championship

    [FONT=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]DVDs: A primer to classic kung fu movies[/FONT][/FONT]

    Retired covert operatives teach kung fu to the next generation

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    Steven Seagal Sells Essential-Oils Farm

    The Brazilian sway to get fighting fit

    Gibson's induction to wrestling hall brings feats to forefront

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    Taekwondo news.

    WTF Offers Condolences to Murdered Iraqi Taekwondo Athletes

    Sports Briefing


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    Seen on MT.

    Hungry pair ate and ran - into owner

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    Free Real Estate Safety and Self-Defense Seminar Offered in Woodstock

    Relax. Chicago market almost 'normal' now

    Creepy incidents at Collier karate class

    Billy Zabka is going to "Sweep the Leg" of the FM radio market

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    WSJ Blog Posts.

    Lerach Coughlin Lawyer Saves Woman From Pit-Bull Attack

    There's a separate (brief) article in the 22 August 2007 issue of the WSJ.

    Octagon™: The Trademark of Ultimate Fighting Championship

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    Ed O'Neill.

    “Al Bundy” Talks MMA

    There's a video clip of an interview there.

    Japanese Coaches Train Russian Masters of Karate

    They hold a training gathering at recreation center near Nakhodka

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    Jet Li in the News.

    Jet Li's Got Rogue Rage

    Jet Li: I'm Getting Too Old for Fighting

    Jet Li: Keep Expectations Low for Fight Scenes With Jackie Chan; They're Both Getting Old

    Jet Li's monk look in new movie released

    Jet Li calls for Chinese censors to relax grip

    Action movie star Jet Li frustrated his Hollywood movies can't pass Chinese censors

    From the first article:
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    Jackie Chan's Son.

    Jackie Chan's Son Wants His Own Identity

  14. arnisador

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    Jackie Chan News.

    Jackie Chan punches out Olympics countdown song

    Jackie Chan visits children's cancer ward at NUH

    Jackie Chan opens cafe in Starhill

    RUSH HOUR as Jackie speeds up to serve fans


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    The Kung Fu Judge.

    A Symbol of Activism Is at Center of Court Dispute

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    Chuck Norris Sues Publisher.

    Chuck Norris sues, says his tears no cancer cure

    I knew this book was was obvious. Everyone on the Internet did the writing for free so they need only assemble them in print.

    I had heard him say before that the "cures cancer" one, for example, is slightly bothersome to him as he feels that only Jesus Christ was able to cure the sick in such a way.
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  18. arnisador

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    Her past is her lifeblood

    It's been 14 years since the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, but in many ways Tonya Harding hasn't moved on

    (Tangentially related: Her former bodyguard, who attacked her rival, recently died.)

    Chuck Norris' political syle: Choke 'em

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    She looked much thinner in the picture that was in the paper. Maybe she put on weight for the match?

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