Martial Arts Festival 09 in Leicester UK

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    excerpts from MAF UK (Martial Arts Festival 09 in Leicester UK) Balintawak workshop given to members of the public and Martial Artists. Teaching on the day was: Chief European Instructors Richard Cotterill & Bill Murray, Chief Instructor Balintawak UK Neil Ross and Balintawak Arnis Fighters Training Academy Instructor Steve Russel.
    The workshop was one hour in duration so it was just a brief introduction to Balintawak Arnis. We hope everyone enjoyed the learning as much as we did teaching (& learning to!!). We had fun!!
    We hope all members of Balintawak Europe Group aspire to be better examples and grow in knowledge and respect.
    Many thanks to our teachers and students throughtout Europe. Respect to everyone within Bobby Taboada's International Balintawak Team and of course to our friend and mentor himself GM Bobby Tabaoda.
    Thanks to stick2hit productions and Mr Vic - ious
    For more info:
  2. Robert Klampfer

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    Richard looked good but, how about that demo dummy of his? He really brought it all together. I wonder, who was that mysterious stranger who put on such a good show in front of the ladies? :ladysman:

  3. Pike

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    Thanks That Reminds me ...............

    Hi Robert

    That reminds me, Richard owes me appearance royalties for MAF (Cup of tea & a biscuit ''usual fee''),
    only got a one broken knuckle and two headlumps that day. :impact:

    I took my inspiration from Tropic Thunder (Ref Simple Jack)
    Good job i didn't go full retard for the role.....:mouth_wat

  4. Robert Klampfer

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    Say it for me one time: you m-m-m-make me happay!

    Only one? I suppose you'll just have to try harder next time...
  5. guillermo taboada

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    To our ohio balintawak team,

    i am very proud of you guys for bringing five gold medals,four silver, and one bronze medal at the arnold clasics tournament. Keep clicking and wacking your sticks, preparations for more coming tournaments. I will see you soon in augost for my camp in north carolina. Thank you very much.

    Gm bobby taboada

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