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Discussion in 'Seminars & Camps' started by Alakd'an, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Alakd'an

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    Dr. Remy P. Presas will be in Utica Michigan for a one day Seminar on April 8th 2006. Contact Ben Harrison for more information @
  2. Brian R. VanCise

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  3. Enoch

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    Count me in!!!:biggrinbo
  4. Rich Parsons

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    I was able to see Dr. Presas in Kansas, and I enjoyed his seminar. It should be a good event. :)
  5. Alakd'an

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    Thanks for the Info!

    Sorry that I missed you last year when Paul stopped by our group and taught a short class on stick combatives. I am also saddened to hear Manong Ted is in ill health, know that he is in our Prayers.
    I am looking forward to Dr. Presas's insights into Modern Arnis. I have gotten positive feed back so far. I am hoping to expand this to an Annual 3 day event for Michigan. We will have to see the interest this year. Thanks for the post. Yours in Modern Arnis, Ben.
  6. Cruentus

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    I am glad to see that Alakd'an is growing and doing well, and can handle the task of hosting someone like Dr. Presas. I am sure that this event will go over well!


  7. Alakd'an

    Alakd'an New Member

    We are hanging in there!

    We have had our ups and downs this year, this has been an interesting journey to see what direction this group will go and to what our focus for the future will be. We are having a blast! I just love Modern Arnis and what it has meant to me personally, and my ability to share it with others. I hope to see you again for another combatives class. Thanks for your input in Alakd'an. Ben Harrison
  8. Alakd'an

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    Marppio Flyer!

    MARRPIO has information and flyer up on their web site.
  9. Alakd'an

    Alakd'an New Member

    This seminar is open to EVERYONE regardless of rank, organization you belong to, style, experience, race, creed, color of underwear, etc. Please come if you are interested. We will not recruit, brainwash, coerce, headlock into submission, etc. to our "way". We truly, truly want everyone to come out and have fun and learn something new. Yours in Modern Arnis, Ben.
  10. Alakd'an

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    We are down to just 4 weeks for the MARRPIO Seminar in Michigan. Down load flyer from mail to Ben Harrison for pre-registers. Contact info on Maraming Salamat!
  11. Alakd'an

    Alakd'an New Member


    I just have to say that this was the best seminar I have attended since attending the Professors seminars.
    Dr. Presas started with a history lesson first, explaining the beginnings of Modern Arnis and even how the name came about. How the first book was made and even had a short video of some of the Masters from PI like the Professor, Anciong Bacon and others.
    The seminar was attended by Instructors, Sensei Jaye Spiro, of Mejishi Martial Arts, Guro Rich Parsons, Guro Paul Janulis, of Tulisan Combatives, Master Bill Barker, of Progressive Tactics, and a total of 15 Arnisadors from the area and even one who drove from Cincinatti, Ohio that morning. Crazy kid!
    The seminar started with Dulo sa Dulo, including striking, blocking, trapping with and without dulo dulo.
    We moved to single cane in the afternoon with striking, blocking and trapping with innovations.
    Alakd'an Modern Arnis Club then presented a pair of hand made metal dulos to all the participants from the maker, Buzz Harrison, as a gift for their support. Buzz then presented Dr. Presas a training sword and matching training dagger.
    Everyone who participated gave positive feedback about the seminar. We all had fun. We then met with the Instructors and Dr. Presas at Dave and Busters for dinner and great conversation. We kept getting tidbits about the History of the Professor and the beginnings of Modern Arnis from Dr. Presas.
    We will be expanding the seminar for 2 days next year and hopefully continue the Legacy of Modern Arnis with an Annual event.
    Anyone interested in finding out more about MARRPIO Modern Arnis and the training standards, techniques and to learn more about the foundations of the Art can contact Ben Harrison at
  12. Enoch

    Enoch New Member

    Glad it went well Ben, Sorry i missed it!!!!

  13. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    This is the second time I have met Dr. Remy P Presas. I enjoy his stories and conversations before during and after the seminar.

    I think everyone should check him out and see what he has. :)

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