"Marines in the Making" (1942).

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    I just watched the 1942 short film "Marines in the Making" which features training of U.S. Marines by Maj. R.E. 'Dick' Hanley. A great emphasis was placed on methods learned from the Japanese--not just jujitsu (referred to as such by name), a form of "dirty fighting", but also techniques for the stick that were also attributed to the Japanese (the ones shown had the stick held tonfa-style). One sentry take-out strangle/neck-break was said to have been recently introduced by the Japanese in "Malaya".

    The jujitsu techniques included arm locks, hip and other throws, and lots of chops as finishes for a downed opponent.

    There was also a lot of bayonet fighting, including empty-handed defenses. Interesting to see! It was a filler on TCM that I only got accidentally, at the end of what I was trying to tape.
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    While I can not say as to if this is something of interest to you. Heck I am not sure if it even deals with the main topic on this thread.

    This has allot in the site about military training pre the current system, which it's name slips my mind right now.

    If you really want to see some of the things taught type in goggle 'Get Tough in PDF'. It will bring a pdf up of all the techniques used.

    I thought you might not want me to respond about to this, because that is about a show. I don't know this show.

    Yea I have found it interesting do to so many style say they teach the military all the time when in reality not that way at all. There might be people from the Marines training in there school it does not mean the military train under them. The Marine system is made up of certain style true enough, but they are redeveloped to fit there need as in what is the objective of the insurgency at the time. Not always is it a kill only system, sometime there are techs they do that are just control methods.
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    Hey, that is interesting! I think W.E. Fairbairn had a lot of great stuff to say about real fighting.

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