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    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to write something about some of my Lameco Eskrima brothers who choose not to attract the spotlight on themselves. There are a few of us that surface in the public eye more than others and I want to make sure that my other brothers who have dedicated themselves to Punong Guro Sulite and Lameco Eskrima are recognized for their efforts and contributions to our fraternal family.

    Kuya Mar Elepaño was one of the first students of Punong Guro Sulite in the late 80`s right after Edgar first moved to Los Angeles. As well for those that own the Lameco Eskrima video series through Unique Publications you will recognize Mar as the person assisting Punong Guro Sulite in "Practical Self-Defense", "Essential Single Stick Skills" and "Secrets of Double Stick Fighting".

    Mar is one of the most humble people that I have had the pleasure to meet and he is a great role model for all of us to follow. My first introduction to him was in 1992 when I was first introduced into the group on goodwin street. Mar was kind, friendly and very sincere which very much so disguised his combative prowess which passively laid underneath all of this on the surface until he would fight and spar with all of us.

    After only being part of the group for a week or so at Punong Guro Sulites house on a sunday I remember talking with Roger Agbulos, Felix Valencia, Lowell Pueblos and Rem Cruz about Mar as I was told that I would be sparring with Mar in a few minutes. After each training all of us would spar and after the class had officially ended we would partake in a rich "Pot Luck" of Philippine delicasies. I remember them all laughing and remaining silent when they found out that I would be sparring with Mar in only a matter of minutes as I was praising him as being such a passive guy.

    Punong Guro Sulite and Guro Lowell would referee the match and they had Mar and I face each other in respect and then we began to spar. The nice gentle person that I had enjoyed speaking with only minutes earlier became an animal and I could not count how many times that I was getting hit. It was a double stick match which made things even worse because everytime that I moved into range with him he would light me up with 5 or 6 strikes in a row. At that time coming from a Pekiti-Tirsia base for many years I had felt very comfortable sparring but I had never encountered anything like that before and it was hard to go from the person who usually got in all of the hits to the person that was receiving all of them. To say the least after three 3 minute rounds I was humbled and grateful that it was over.

    Immediately after the match was over I sat down to watch the next fight and collect what was left of my integrity and Mar was heading over in my direction. I thought that he would come over and boast about dominating me but I was surprised to hear him telling me why I was getting hit so much and what I could do to prevent it in the future. He was humble and very helpful in not demonstrating an ego but rather concern for a new member of the family and he was speaking with me in sincerety as a brother. After having countless sparring sessions with him for years thereafter the greatest thing that I remember about him was even though he could dominate pretty much anyone of us in the group at will he never lauded it over us but would always strive to be heplful and humble.

    Later when Dino Flores joined the group he had the same expereince as did I being initiated into the group by sparring with Mar as did many that followed him and I sat, watched and laughed as Roger, Felix, Lowell and Rem did with me on my initiation day with Mar.

    Any way it was great to have seen Kuya Mar Elepaño again last year at the Lameco Eskrima tribute in Van Nuys and as alway Mar was a class act. He being the more senior and better fighter than me was treating me and everyone else with respect as if we were the more senior and better fighter which will never be the case. This is typical of many of the senior Lameco Eskrima members which many will never hear of. I feel it my duty as well as the duty of my other brothers to introduce them to you all if only by association through writing something on their behalf.

    Little by little I will try and introduce many of our lesser known brothers to you all, as they have much to teach us all... even in silence from the shadows.


    Guro Dave Gould.
  2. Thank you Guro Gould for sharing this story with us. My brother and I were very fortunate to have met and sparred with Guro Mar Elepano at last year's Lameco Tribute. We were in awe of how incredibly amazing he was/is! We both don't remember if we even got one hit in! We just sat there and enjoyed watching him after. Yet he did not exude any cockiness. He then gave us pointers--truly an amazing gentleman.

    At the Tribute, GM Tohper Ricketts gave lots of praise and recognition for Guro Mar's prowess AND especially his humbleness!

    Much respect and admiration to Guro Mar Elepano!
  3. Tim McFatridge

    Tim McFatridge New Member

    Guro Dave,

    Thank you for writing and sharing that story with all of us about Guro Mar. I really enjoyed talking to him at the Tribute event last year. I would say that I enjoyed sparring with him but I while he was sparring and hitting me I was playing whiffle ball with a kali stick because I kept missing him. I am kidding... I really did enjoy sparring him and enjoyed sparring with everyone at the event. I learned a lot from everyone there.

    Thanks again for post and I look forward to your future post.

    Tim McFatridge

    God Bless brothers

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