Man Stabbed to Death by Chicken with Knife.

Discussion in 'The Den' started by arnisador, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. arnisador

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    Bird kills man at cockfight

    Man dies after being stabbed by knife attached to rooster's limb at illegal cockfight in California

  2. Darrin Cook

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    Before anyone complains about how dangerous cockfighting is, the injury was caused by the cops raiding the place, and the guy was injured in the melee.

    He also may have been too slow getting treatment because he was afraid of legal repercussions.
  3. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    Who gives a damn how dangerous it is? Its illegal, inhumane, and immoral. I hate to see any story where someone dies but I have a hard time working up sympathy for someone who would willingly participate in something like that.
  4. I take it you won't be visiting "The cockhouse" if you come to the Philippines then Jason?


    One of our Swedish visitors remarked that they treat animals better there then they treat people in the Philippines.
  5. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    Yeah, except for that being forced to fight to the death part...
  6. Sorry Jason? Are you saying animals have to fight to the death in Sweden?
  7. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    I thought you were referring to that location in the Philippines. I gather from your response that you were referring to how animals were treated in Sweden versus how people were treated in the Philippines. Correct? I hadn't had any coffee yet when I read your earlier post so I was a bit slow at the time...
  8. No worries

    Yes, that's the case. I see / hear a lot of what would be legally called "Animal Abuse" here (and when I lived in Taiwan come to think about it) than in other western countries.

    The thing is the way things are here (and I guess other "Developing nations") animal rights is not prevalent in public thinking.

    If you look at countries like the USA and UK cockfighting used to be legal a few centuries ago. Then society progressed I guess...

    Anyway, I don't think cockfighting will be made illegal here any time soon. I think I'm right in saying a good fighting cock is a valued commodity and people have a stable of them like art / jewelery.

    Still, I gather the attack happened in the USA so it's a different story.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    It was illegal where it was held (Calif.) and is frowned upon in most of the U.S.
  10. I gathered that. Wasn't always the case though...

    "In the United States, famous presidents who were lovers of the game were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln. It was socially acceptable and encouraged for a gentleman to have a flock of gamecocks and to be an expert on the sport. At one point, the U.S. became a center for cockfighting activities and events. Cockfights were even held in the committee rooms of the President. It is said that the fighting-cock almost became the national emblem. It lost by one vote to the American eagle"

    I had no idea it was so widespread and so ingrained in societies:

    "Cockfighting has a history which traces back to times before Christ. However, before cockfighting even became a sport, the bird, the fighting-cock, was regarded as an admirable animal, drawing respect from men. The fighting cock was a subject of religious worship. According to Diodorus Siculus, the Ancient Syrians worshipped the fighting-cock as a deity. The Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the fighting-cock with the gods Apollo, Mercury and Mars. Magellan claimed that in Borneo, the bird was so sacred that no one could eat its flesh. In South Canara, the bird claimed to ward off evil demons. In Sumatra, the gamecock was worshipped, a temple built to it, and rituals performed to honor the deity. Cock fighting occurred in the temples and the dead bird which lost the battle was prepared to be presented to the deities."

    From Scott "History of cockfighting".;wap2

    I would just like to add that I have never seen a cockfight and have no intention of doing so. I was quite taken aback to see how accepted it is here and surprised you can even buy DVDs and see it on public TV (I just change the channel though lol)

    From a cultural perspective I must admit I do find it interesting. Why did / do so many cultures like it?

    That "Nice Man" Manny Pacquiao is a big big fan:

    "To big-time cockers like 8-division title boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, cockfighting comes close to gambling. Pacquiano bets in the millions of pesos. In the last World Slasher Derby promoted by Jorge "Nene" Araneta in the Araneta Coliseum, Pacquiao was the lone champion who took away P9 million ($200,000) as top prize.His friends say he must have won more than that. ."

    Loves a bet apparently does Manny. I really do fear for him and his millions :(
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  11. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    "cockhouse"? My wife thought i was kidding about that name till we look it up online.
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  12. Would I lie to you Phil?

    Next time I send some sticks over I can also get you a nice mug?


    Or perhaps some cock steroids?



    They even have a FB page too.

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