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  1. Hey All,

    Following on from a few threads I was wondering about the following question:

    What do you think a "manual" should contain?

    The "Techniques", scope, length of the book, target audience, etc, etc.

    It might be a project a certain GM I know is considering ;)

    Also, we had a great thread a while back about "What should the ideal DVD contain" so hopefully we can collate some ideas for future reference.

  2. blindside

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    An example of one already done, I'd be very interested to see how it layed out, any manual won't have much space to cover the extensive nature of an entire combat system. Like any other book it will by necessity be a snapshot to remind the practitioner of what they should have learned from their instructors.
  3. That's great thanks!

    The framework of how it is divided up will be very useful.

    I agree - you can't beat hands on tuition but scope must exist for a manual such as this - providing it is done well!

  4. silat1

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    First thing you might want to consider is the comprehension ability of the reader.. A lot of miltary manuals are written at a certain reading level so it can be generally comprehended by the intended audience. Most manuals I have seen and read during my time in teaching military and security personally were written on roughly a ninth or tenth grade level.. The more indepth you make it the more confused the intended reader gets.. If you can find a copy of the US Army field manual FM21-50 which outlines the US army's combatives program, it might give you an idea of how to prepare this project..

    If you can't find one, send me a msg and I'll check my files for an extra copy. The older versions are public domain now, so it is not like I am giving out national secrets.
  5. Thanks Bill - much appreciated.

    I am also receiving some manuals and DVDs in the mail so a lot to mull over.

  6. arnisador

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    When I was a kid I thought the Michael Echanis books on knife and stick fighting for Special Forces were the ultimate--I realize now that much of it was the marketing. There's some good stuff in it, and some with most things.

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