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    Twenty some years ago I connected the Machado Brothers with Burt Richardson who was doing fight choreography at the time. He got John and Rigan a rather substantial part in Kick Boxer Three.

    Inspired by their success, the Brothers decided to do their own movie. Directed by Leo Fong (who had directed Tiger Revenge which had a cameo by GM Angel Cabales) it had a couple of actors who actually were recognizable (one had played a sidekick to Clint Eastwood) but mostly was fleshed out by friends and students (Guro Inosanto played their father-- he would come into his lessons practicing his lines, it was very funny, future BB of note Australian John Donahue, former Mr. Universe Luis _________, Mad Matt Hall, etc ) including yours truly. I got to die three of the four times I appeared on screen 54:36, 55:58, 56:40, 57:50

    Fake weaponry was scarce-- you will see my pistol grip S&W shotgun used by not only me, but others and that is my actual Kukri which Rigan knocks out of my hand before he broke the children's softie bat on my back (padded with motorcross spine protector lent by Ron Balicki) during working out the right-- they used the footage anyway, hence the abrupt end to the fight; also my double knife attack on Jean Jacques had me using real knifes-- as I was called upon to let the knife fly as I was shot the crew kept a goodly distance.

    Weaponry skills were scarcer yet. Hideous trigger discipline, muzzle sweeps galore, terrible pie-ing of corners, etc etc.

    As can be seen, the movie was howlingly bad ( I heard that it was rated by someone as the worst movie ever made). We had a great time!

    John went on to have a fight scene with Steven Seagal in his "Die Hard on a Train" movie (the actual name slips my mind). Rigan has a very funny story about persuading John not to choke out SS on the set , , ,

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