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    Hi, My Name Is Mark "MarkPoGi" I'm one of the student of Guru Bud, Guru Dino, and Guru Arnold of the Lameco SOG Backyard Group. I meet them when they start teaching martial arts at SIPA is located at BATANG HISTORIC FILIPINO TOWN near hollywood. I've been there loyal student for almost eight years now, and still training with them. and one of the style that they thought me is Kali Ilustrisimo. i must admit that Kali Ilustrisimo is my one of my favorite style, becasue it focus in blade Or sword fighting. The movement and the footwork of Kali Ilustrisimo is so easy, simple and direct to the point. Recently I have the honor to meet one of the great Kali Ilustrisimo teahcer, Master Christopher Rickets and his son Bruce rickets. Sometimes if I have time I go train with them to expand more knowledge about Kali Ilustrisimo. and by signing up here i get a chance to meet of some of the great master around the philippines so that i could add more style in my background.. THANK YOU!!!!! (MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!)....
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    I moved this post to where it could get more attention. Welcome aboard!

    -FMAT Admin
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    welcome mark.
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    Hi Mark!!

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