Lyoto Machida, Pedro Munhoz

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    Woof all:

    I will be watching tonight's UFC fights with some personal interest.

    As some of you may know, I worked briefly with Lyoto Machida many years ago during my days at the RAW Gym. Mostly we focused on the material that his fellow southpaw Frank Trigg (also at RAW) had shown me for fighting mirror lead. (Shown in Kali Tudo-1 btw).

    He used it to extremely good effect in his fight against Tito Ortiz.

    We ran into each other again a few years ago at Black House in Gardena with Pedro Munhoz. I was quite flattered that he remembered me ("Oh yes, you are the one with the Akita= -- by which he meant the DBMA logo) and from time to time subsequent to that we would run into each other at the UFC Gym in Torrance.

    Always a very gracious man and one whose fighting game I admired greatly.

    Obviously he is on the tail end of his career now. I hope he is not staying too long , , ,he's a good man.

    Speaking of Pedro Munhoz, as some of you may know, we got to know each other a bit starting when he was coaching my son for his first BJJ tournament. At the time he didn't really speak English but he did speak Spanish and so I stayed for my son's lesson to translate.

    I ran some of my "Kali Tudo" by him and he was intrigued and thus began our working together for about a year with him helping me with my BJJ and me helping him with "Kali Tudo".

    This is what he had to say at the time:

    At the time he was fighting in the Resurrection Fighting Alliance. Now he is a well established UFC fighter (top ten contender?)

    Those of you in the DBMA Association know that, with his permission, there are two hours of Vid-Lessons of me working with him with DBMA Guro Beowulf Mark Houston and DBMA Guro Splinter Dog Antone Haley as is training partners.

    Also a really good guy!

    Go Lyoto! Go Pedro!


    Regarding Pedro and the "Kali Tudo":

    When he got the invitation to join Team Blackhouse and the call up to the UFC, Pedro said to me "Marc, I am not going to be able to continue the Kali Tudo. I like it a lot, (and he was starting to show flashes of it in the last of his RFA fights) but if I bring it to Blackhouse they are going to say 'If you are glad to be here, why are you bringing that strange stuff?".

    Clearly the right call for him-- getting into Blackhouse where he would be regularly training with Lyoto, Anderson Silva, and other great fighters was a tremendous opportunity for him.

    As for me, I continue to look for my big break training a name fighter in "Kali Tudo". I had Cub Swanson intrigued (endorsed as I was by mutual friend War Dog Mike Barredo and my physical interaction with Cub at the gym I had my hopes up), but as often the case, he had a fight coming up and was reluctant to try something new.
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    A grievous setback for Pedro not to make weight--especially as he is a co-main event for the first time! Four pounds?!? I know him to be a serious, disciplined, clean living man, this is quite surprising to me.

    A close and tough fight for Lyoto last night. I was glad to see him get the split decision.

    I have always admired the intelligence and skill of Lyoto's game; that said it requires attributes that are challenging to maintain at 39.

    Those of you who follow DBMA closely may know that I place great emphasis on being able to fight out of either lead so that we may choose to fight mirror lead (left vs. right) or matched lead (both same foot forward) against either a lefty or righty.

    Lyoto is a true master of fighting right lead (southpaw) against right-handed fighters in left lead-- but last night's opponent was a fellow southpaw and this gave him problems. At several points I saw him trying to fight from left lead, but it just wasn't natural to him and he lacked the feel for getting to what DBMA calls "the corner of the diamond" on this side.

    Nonetheless he fought well (his chin seems to be OK, given his recent knockouts, I confess to being worried about his health) and I was glad to see him get the win.

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