LS Arnis vs PT Kali

Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by jrmy_1, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. jrmy_1

    jrmy_1 New Member

    First off, thanks for the forum!

    I am looking to begin training in martial arts and have decided I would like to focus on an FMA. I have been researching PT Kali but would also like to keep open to other forms of the art. Can anyone tell me some of the differences between PT Kali and LSA? I am looking to train specifically for a self defense, fight to the death, encounter. I want the art to compliment concealed handgun carry. I am a 6' individual at around 190 lbs. I usually carry a folding knife for protection. I am basically looking to train for single knife fighting and hand-to-hand in case I don't have access to a firearm. Does this FMA method compliment this type of a scenario? Are there other FMAs that may more compliment a hand-to-hand and single knife weapon repetoire? I would also like to train in stick fighting but it most likely wouldn't be the first or second choice in a self defense situation. I would also like to incorporate improvised weapon training such as using a ball pen, etc. Thanks for all your support!

  2. Christian

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    Hi jrmy_1,

    I have no experience in Pekiti Tirsia Kali and I do know only a little bit about Lightning Scientific Arnis so I can´t help you with your quest.

    My suggestion would be to have a look at both arts and then make a decision. I guess you have schools for both systems nearby?

  3. Beungood

    Beungood New Member

    Hi JRMY,

    PTK has several gun sequidas and gun related close quarters training. It is well suited for what you are looking for. But find a good instructor that is key.
  4. jrmy_1

    jrmy_1 New Member

    Yes, I have access to these two FMA styles near me.

    Thanks for the suggestion! I will research instructors!

  5. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    I would also go down and have a look at some of the classes.
    This can be really important as it gives you a sense of what is actually being taught and the instructor.
  6. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    You sound like a PTK already.. so there you go.

    GLENNLOBO New Member


    made some comment about the words being.. "twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools!!"

    well spotted Raul lol

    i'm also interested in the combat applications of origami.. any takers? so how many weapons are you considering carrying, to what end, but you dont study anything at the moment? gun first, then knife, then stick then ball point pen.. you might want to visit sean stark of pencak silat pertempuran as he covers some of the gun, as does silat mubai, and of course you ask the question with a particular slant so you would probably know the answer to your question already..
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  8. Banakun

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    I once stabbed somebody with a paper flower, I noticed the guy reacted when I went for the eyes! The same tool didn't make that much impact on the body though... maybe one of these days we can exchange notes on Tactical Origami!

    I can see it now! Headline: Man stabbed in the throat with paper bunny![​IMG]
  9. Jack Latorre

    Jack Latorre Siyam

    Jrmy 1--

    If it's not too far away from you, you may want to look at the Texas Kali Association run by Erwin Ballarta and Leslie Buck. They are Pekiti-Tirsia and have excellent reputations.


    Jack A. Latorre
  10. Batongbuhay

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    GMTA! im maybe we should open a thread on Full Contact Paper Folding!
  11. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Will a paper folder be a legal carry?
  12. FMATalker

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    Like some have suggested, you should go check out the instructors of the systems you mentioned.

    You said that you carried a folder for protection. One thing you should consider, is how fast you can gain access to it AND open it, during an assault situation. You should try getting a training folder that is basically a dull version of the live blade that you're carrying with you. Many knife companies have those now. You should also consider where you have your knife on you, and practice getting to it and opening it, making it second nature. See if the FMA instructors have any experience or knowledge about this, especially if you intend to use a folder for protection.

    Ball point pens are practical, but have you also considered a small, flashlight? A small flashlight married to a concealed hand gun is a good combination for self-defense (e.g., low light conditions). Many FMA systems train using "pocket sticks" or "tabak maliit", and a flashlight fits that description.

    Sorry if my post sounds like a potential ad for certain companies! :)

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