Loyalty and the martial arts

Discussion in 'General' started by kevin hand, Jan 20, 2015.

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    loyalty to one's instructor or system has always been a confusing issue for me. i have always walked my own path in martial arts. over the years i have had the opportunity to train with a few instructors and i saw that over time various instructors expected me to stay loyal to one art, one teacher. because of this, i have never trained with anyone for more than one year at a time. i have spent the greater part of my life teaching others and learning from every available resource. most of my teaching has been used as a way to investigate martial arts and the various methods i have learned through the years. i have a very open mind to all systems of martial art but dont enjoy the idea of having to simply follow someone else. i was liberated from the classical karate frame of mind before bruce lee ever wrote his infamous 1971 article in black belt.
    now, on the other side, i have trained with people that i am loyal to as a friend and totally appreciate the qualities and abilities of these instructors. but i still walk my own path. because of this i know that i have possibly missed out on some aspects of training. it seems that the martial arts world is filled with people who want to cluster students to themselves rather than guide a person to find his or her own way. i love to learn from people but i still have to find my own way. freedom comes with a price.
    i just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? i love the fma. and i am preparing to 'get back into training' now as i am soon moving to an area where there are more opportunities for me to learn and to train. i know that some of the people tend to want you to train solely with them. but my mind is so wide open for learning that i dont want to focus just on one thing. i never have. and i have been training and teaching for 46 years now. mostly privately. so, what experiences have any of you had with this issue? i do have to say that i am not against anyone following one instructor. if it works for you then its great! there are only a handful of martial arts instructors that i could say i would have followed for many years. dan inosanto is one that comes to mind. but then, he is the kind of person who pushes people to explore and find themselves....

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