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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by Cranewings, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Cranewings

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    Why do FMA Free Stylists fight with their hands so low? Bruce did it, but he was fast. Inosanto does it, but you could argue he has other skills to make up for it.

    I think FMA people are used to practicing with a knife in their hand, and when you take the knife away they still hold their hand too low. A good TKD / Boxer who head hunts would be a menace to FMA freestylists.
  2. Danny T

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    I can't speak to other FMAs but the training I received and instruct in Pekiti-Tirsia through PTI (Tuhon Bill McGrath) has always been hands above the eyes even with a knife. More so if empty handed. Hands up and turned inward with the elbows down.

    Danny T
  3. wes tasker

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    What Danny T. said.....

    -wes tasker
  4. Cranewings

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  5. lhommedieu

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    Sorry to pile on but...

    I was always taught to keep my hands up, elbows in, etc.


  6. jus_dann

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    some have said: a good FMA man is like a spider that will draw you into his web...
  7. Silence_sucks

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    Hands low? if this is about level with the eyes or chin then inosanto most likely used it because its just about in the centre of all your covers, elbows protecting the sides ready to elbow in uppercuts or dash to cover the head for a hook, though relating more to the fma its undoubtably for attack by drawing or the destructions.
  8. equilibrium

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    In pekiti tirsia the hands are moving.. they are high medium low, high medium low... we got the flow that is for sure. No static stances. Saying hands low sounds like static to me.

    Many OTHER FMA swing too low with weapons but that is their problem.

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