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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by manhattan1, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. manhattan1

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    Hi all,

    Some time ago there was a video clip with a Balintawak guy against a Yaw-Yan guy in a Kick-boxing match....
    The Balintawak guy did win the fight and it was a pretty good video clip, but i forgot where it was at, so i was hoping that maybe some of you knew where i could find it? [​IMG]

    Sincerly yours,

    Jan Jensen

  2. It was a Gokosha guy who probably also studied Balintawak; given Gokosha comes from GM Joe Go.

    The fighter in question will feature on the front cover of Dr Ned Nepangue's forthcoming book "Gokosha"

    I did have a quick look for this video when you posted the same question on FMAForum. The title of the video was "Kicker v Puncher" and it was on youtube. I can not find it anymore either...
  3. manhattan1

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    Thanks a lot...its a shame its not there any more, it was a great video clip... :)
    But maybe you can tell me the e-mail/website of the guys who had the video and i can try asking if they like to repost it again?

    Sincerly yours,

    Jan Jensen
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    Very Nice!
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  6. teovel'sBalintawak

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    I know this guy on the left his name is Angelo. One of Joe Go's Barangay Tanuds and student in the late 80's. The referee of this fight was Dr. Ben Marapao the Pres. of WOTBAG ( World Original Teovel’s Balintawak Arnis Group ).

    Long before he trained Gokosha Angelo was already a kick boxer under Danny Diaz of Tigers Hall of Martial Arts in Cebu City. He was only trained at least a month in Gokosha by Joe Go but did very well in the ring. I wish someone can put a footage of Roque Muna in the ring he was one of Joe Go’s top Gokosha student and fighter.
  7. I wish somebody could put up footage of Ishmael "Boy" Garcia ;)

    Now that would be cool to see...
  8. manhattan1

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    Nice knowing, thanks... :)
    But even that he is a former Kick-Boxer, i see more similarities towards Balintawak in his fighting style like the sense of timing and his way of hitting... :)
    He does not really kick or suchs like you would expect from a kick-boxer......
    I have a background within Kick-boxing also and i would personally not use many of the kicks either and if i did use them i would use them as low kicks.... :)



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