Looking for correct lineage!

Discussion in 'Serrada' started by jbyrd808, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. jbyrd808

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    Due to hundreds of hours of research I am still stumped. I am looking for a correct Lineage of Masters and Advanced Diploma's certified by GM Angel Cabales. Wiley's book has some, not so convincing literature. And that seems to be the only printed line that I can find. Please Help!!
  2. geezer

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    RE certificates

    Sorry I can't help at all, and to be honest, it sounds like you've really got your work cut out for you! From what I've heard, in the early years there really wasn't any consistent policy on "certificates"--after all, it's what you can do that matters right? So wouldn't it be more useful to know who studied with GGM Cabales, when and how long they studied, and what they've done since then? Are they legit, is their stuff good, did they change it? If so how and why, and so forth? Stiill, good luck in your research.
  3. kabaroan

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    Why not contact Vincent Cabales and ask if he can help you?
  4. Charlie

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    I would ask GM Vincent Cabales I am number 67 in the Advanced Degree and when I get my masers the next one is 21. I know you have Master Garcia is 20 Then you have Grand Master Vicnent Cabales's kids I know you have master wells, master Tibon, master, tacosa, I know for a fact that Master Vincent Cabales is #1 and Master John Cabales is #2 there is a handful of masters good luck with the advanced that is alot You can call GM Vincent Cabales about it.

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