London (UK) FMA Classes Now Offered

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    New London Based FMA Classes

    Greetings, I am full instructor in the FMA (Floro Fighting Systems FFS) and have moved to London. I am offering semi-private instruction in central London to interested students. I teach Pakali which is a blend of SE Asian martial arts, influenced by Filipino, Indonesian, and Thai systems of combat. As well as my FMA training I have trained and fought Muay Thai in Thailand, and studied Silat while living in Indonesia. Originally from southern California and am also a full Dog Brother and have regulalrly fought full contact stick fighting.

    My classes are simple and pared down to what you will need to know to make it work. In all ranges, and in all situations Pakali offers simple and effective solutions.

    Classes begin by focusing on empty hand, working to impact weapons, eventually dealing with edged weapons.

    I look forward to training with you!


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