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    As we know Stirling Siliphant is the one who always helped Bruce. Despite the failed trip to India, Stirling Silliphant again tried to help lift Bruce’s career by writing a part for him in the pilot show for a new TV series called Longstreet. Silliphant had begun work on the script before they left for India, when Bruce was still frustrated by the delays with The Warrior, and the episode was even titled ‘Way of the Intercepting Fist’. Written with help from Bruce, the story portrayed him as a martial arts instructor who teaches a blind detective how to defend himself. Silliphant then approached the head of Paramount TV, Tom Tannenbaum, who was in charge of developing the series and who trained in karate with Ed Parker, so had seen the Bruce Lee demonstration at the 1966 Long Beach International Karate Tournament.
    Source: http://gowingchun.com/logstreet-about-bruce-lee.html

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