Lloyd de Jongh Tripwire (Piper) Seminar in LA on April 21-22

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    I will be hosting Lloyd de Jongh of Tripwire Knife in Los Angeles April 21-22. The details (location, exact price, etc) are being worked out. Here is his description of what he will be doing in the Chicago on the preceding weekend (April 14-15) and part of a symposium in the Bay Area on April 28

    I will be contrasting the Piper System with the Tripwire System movement and methods. Content will be an analysis of criminal use of the blade from a South African perspective, assault and ambush to counter-assault and counter-ambush interventions, fighting back from structural disadvantage/behind the attack curve, prison and street-style assassination, street assault and non-Western movement vs conventional technique and expectations. This video is from ~2009, it showcases Piper System movement and the empty hand "Form Style". It is from my older generation of material but may be illuminating:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2s1wmmlrvtlia3s/Lloyd - Piper Demo + HoF.mp4?dl=0
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    I brought Lloyd by the Inosanto Academy on Thursday evening to introduce him to Guro Inosanto. We caught the end of the Kali class. Guro I. surprised Lloyd by inviting him to give a demo for the class. Lloyd was quite impressive!

    The seminar was a success, with some notables from Thursday night coming by for several hours.

    Guro Inosanto himself took a lesson with Lloyd on Monday with the same notables being present as well.

    Lloyd's "Piper Tripwire" system and my "Chupacabra" system interface quite well and the two of us had a fine time exchanging ideas for the five days he was in town. Not only is Lloyd an outstanding physical talent, he is very bright and his system is quite high IQ. He gave me much to think about and much to grow with.

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