Lloyd de Jongh Tripwire (Piper) Seminar in LA on April 14-15.

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    I will be hosting Lloyd de Jongh of Tripwire Knife in Los Angeles April 21-22. The details (location, exact price, etc) are being worked out

    Here is his description of what he will be doing in the Chicago on the preceding weekend (April 14-15) and part of a symposium in the Bay Area on April 28

    I will be contrasting the Piper System with the Tripwire System movement and methods. Content will be an analysis of criminal use of the blade from a South African perspective, assault and ambush to counter-assault and counter-ambush interventions, fighting back from structural disadvantage/behind the attack curve, prison and street-style assassination, street assault and non-Western movement vs conventional technique and expectations. This video is from ~2009, it showcases Piper System movement and the empty hand "Form Style". It is from my older generation of material but may be illuminating:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2s1wmmlrvtlia3s/Lloyd - Piper Demo + HoF.mp4?dl=0
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    Sorry but I cannot figure out how to edit the incorrect date I put in the subject line. Could someone please delete this thread?

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