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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by jwinch2, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. jwinch2

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    I know Guru Dan has a schools directory on his website but I also know that there are many places that have people certified as instructors who are not listed on that page. I happen to train at one of them. :laugh:. Is anyone aware of a list of people who have been certified as Senior or Full instructors through the years? Down the road in a year or two we may end up moving and I would like to know what places have instructors that are highly ranked.

    At this point in my life, I am completely unwilling to move to a place where I cannot get great training. Though it has only been a couple of months since I switched over to Kali I really like the system and would prefer not to have to make another switch. WAY down the road, my goal is to get to the full instructor level. Obviously that is light years away but it gives me something to shoot for. That is never going to happen if I have to switch systems every two years.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. arnisador

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    I've never seen such a would be a nice resource if there were one, though.
  3. Brian R. VanCise

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    The problem is that through the years many people have become certifide and for whatever reason some have also moved on. I am sure that the ones on Guru Dan's website are the ones that are current and certifide and up to date. Though of course there are ones probably not on the website that are still current as well. Best idea would be to give him a call and when you move ask him who he thinks you should train with in that area.
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    The problem is that I am not willing to even consider moving to a location that does not have an outstanding place to train. I would need to know this information prior to the application or potential interview process... Academic job searches take 6 months or more to complete so this would need to be established well in advance...
  5. Kailat


    Well, I know there are several instructors in at least every state pretty much who are either currently certified, or has been in the past and have moved on as was stated.

    2ndly you can post on here where your planning on interviewing or possibly thinking to move and someone will say whether they know of someone who is currently teaching as well. i know of many instructors in the INDIANA area who are currently teaching but had been affiliated w/ guro Dan back in the early 80's 90's and have moved on to doing other things. So im ceratin if this is the deal here that there are the same happenings elsewhere...

    hope this helps.
  6. arnisador

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    I bet there are indeed lots of people who have been certified but have now moved to a different place in their training...they might provide a great martial arts experience, but not the Dan Inosanto curriculum.
  7. Epa

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    In my experience training with Guro Dan there has never been a formal curriculum that is the "Dan Inosanto curriculum." Over time, he changes the material he focuses on and teaches it differently at different times. He lets his instructors develop their own curricula as they see fit.

    An instructor who trained at the academy in the 70s mentioned that the material has changed a lot over time. New material is added because Guro Dan keeps training and experimenting on his own and old material is often modified and presented in different ways or dropped as his preferences change. Drills that were core in some eras are not touched on much in other eras.

    So I wouldn't say anyone has the Dan Inosanto curriculum for FMA, aside from Dan Inosanto. Even Joel, his assistant at seminars, is still surprised sometimes at variations he has not seen before, which is understandable considering the depth of Guro Dan's experience. That being said, I agree with the point that it can be worth training with current and past students of his for the perspective. I know it helped my training.
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    Dan Inosanto is also certified in SO MANY SYSTEMS its unreal i think in one interview he said he was certified in like 30 systems of Kali? I know that some of his instructors are certified in Serak BUT not in Butki Negara Silat. Or there sertified in Maphalindo Silat, Mande Muda, and Butki Negara Silat BUT not Serak. They also might be certified in his Inosanto blend of FMA but some of his guys go a step furthur and are certified also in Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje's Pekiti Tirisia Kali.

    Each of his students is very diverse. Marc Crafty Dog Denny went on to develop Dog Brothers Martial Arts. Erik Paulson went on to develop Combat Submission Wrestling etc etc.

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