Limited Bahi Flat-Sticks by GM Yuli Romo

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  1. Hi,

    GM Yuli has very kindly given me a pair of these sticks and asked me to find out if there'd be a market for them.


    I forget the exact technical name but they are hand-carved from Bahi and taper down from 7/8 thick to 1/2 inch thick. Like other "garotes" the design allows you to use it as a blade trainer.


    The sticks have small indents painstakenly carved (each pair takes one day to make) into them for decoration / grip. They resemble the scales of snake and the pictures don't really do them justice.


    The sticks weigh 200g / 7ozs

    I can ask for a few more sets to made up for re-sell. They can be made up to 28" but no longer due to our supply of bahi I'm afraid.

    PM for more details.
  2. New Design:


  3. Carol

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    Wow!! Those are amazing!
  4. sjansen

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    I wouldn't want tapered sticks for practice as they don't happen in real life and I can't carry them with me. The squared sticks would probably be destroyed/splinter in practice too although I might like to see. I have used squared sticks previously and the edges splinter off.

    Have you used them yet? Do the edges splinter under combat conditions? I know you won't lie to me Simon.
  5. Thanks for your questions Scott.

    We have no blocking in Bahad Zu'bu. There is no stick-on-stick contact either.
    This is exactly the same as Kali Ilustrisimo which is at the core of Bahad Zu'bu. It is predominately a blade based art. So I can not adequately say how the stick would hold up with other styles.

    Something I came across when reading about the origin of the flat stick is that is was used to mimic the kris sword. So having a double edge and being tapered makes sense in that regard. Also, the stick tapers so you can sungkit (hook strike) to the eyes / throat effectively.

    Unfortunately there are only about 10 pairs of both design in circulation as each pair takes a day to make by Master Yuli. I do not have a pair for myself, only the samples.
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  6. edragn

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    Hi Simon,
    Are these still available ?
    Okinawan Kobudo use sticks like these ( tonbo ), but round, when I recently visited the dojo, they had a pair that were round & tapered, they swung very fast, probably the fastest sticks I've ever swung
    I would say these kamagong sticks are for combat or kata/ juru practice
    I never use my hardwood hexagon shaped sticks for training in " wood on wood " practice as the edges of the sticks are too hard on the round wooden weapons
    these sticks look very functional, an excellent design, I like the "dimples" for use in aiding the grip,
    I have nothing like this in my collection, the flat type sticks that i have seen I felt were too heavy, I prefer a 24" stick fwiw
    Let me know if/when these are available

  7. edragn

    edragn New Member

    Hi Simon,
    I have the untapered sticks and I think they are awesome
    they work gr8 as blade trainers
    the diamond shape that runs the length of the stick really aides the grip , esp for us "old hands" that are starting to get arthritis
    the indents that master Romo carved into the sticks also aide in the grip
    plus they look real kewl
    these would be the 1st sticks that I would grab when investigating
    "noises in the night"
    these sticks are bone breakers, skin splitters and hurt a lot more than a rounded stick
    I wouldn't use them for stick on stick contact, more for solo practice
    they really sing when you swing them
    make them smaller and they would be great on the keychain as a kobutan stick, w/ or w/o the dimples carved in it, the edges would make them even
    better for compliance techniques etc
    I really like this "bahi" wood, more than the kamagong actually
    do you have anymore left ?, of either style ?
  8. Tom,

    Many thanks for your kind feedback.

    These sticks really are "limited". I think less than 10 pairs of both styles have been made.

    Master Yuli is the only person that makes these sticks. He has been teaching in Morocco for the last 3 months and looks to be booked solid for the start of next year. He only makes weapons to "relax"...

    If I ever do get hold of some more I shall contact you. I also need to get another pair myself as I gave away my pair to a training brother who was emigrating to the states :(

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